Monday, May 24, 2021


This category will describe make up ideas.

Lipstick vs Lip Gloss vs Lip Lacquer

Lipstick vs Lip Gloss vs Lip Lacquer

One of the oldest and greatest debates of beauty lovers. Lipstick vs Lip gloss vs Lip Lacquer. I remember the first time my big sister got a lipstick, she would NEVER leave the house without...
Foundation And Concealer

The Difference Between Foundation And Concealer

A lot of people don't know the difference between Foundation and Concealer. So, they end up choosing the wrong one and don't get the results they like or expect. They then blame the product...
Simple eye makeup

Steps for Quick and Simple eye makeup for girls

  Most girls consider eye makeup very difficult and don't know how to do simple eye makeup on a daily basis. So, they have to get help from friends or they have to go to...
Tips To Use Dark Purple Lipstick

Tips To Use Dark Purple Lipstick

Ladies and their beauty-related things are getting complex day by day. The reason behind it is the range and variety of cosmetics available in the market. They are not easy to use. You need...
simple eye makeup

5 best and simple eye makeup tricks for those who are beginners

If you are going to learn about makeup then the first step is doing the simple eye makeup tricks. It will give you the perfect look, especially for beginners. Your makeup will remain incomplete if...