How to wear blue lipstick : Here are some amazing tips and tutorials

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by Janie Wilson

If you want to know the latest and hot makeup trends 2020, then you are on the right page. Here, we are going to tell the secrets of blue lipstick. Girls are always curious to know about the new lipstick shades. There is a good surprise that blue lipstick has become very popular now. The shade that is becoming more popular is the dark blue shade in 2020. The good thing is that it suits any skin and lips tone.

How to wear blue lipstick?

Selecting the blue shade lipstick is not an art but wearing it a great technique. Don’t worry we are giving here some amazing and easiest tips to wear blue shade lipstick.

Dark blue lipstick is a trend and like many other risky and unique fashion looks it is also a great idea to look amazing in evening parties. Just follow these tips and enjoy this weird fashion 2020.

how to wear blue lipstick

1. First of all, wash your face and dry it.

2. Now, be wise in picking the right shade. If you want a casual look to go for light blue. If you want a dramatic and creepy look then choose the dark blue shade.

3. Apply the outline on your lips to make a boundary.

4. If you are wearing blue shade then stay simple with eye makeup and blush on.

5. If you apply this lipstick with a light blush on and light eyeshade. It will make your lips amazing and attractive.

Blue lipstick matte

If you have a medium tone then go for a blue lipstick matte. Here are some shades for it. Blue lipstick MAC has some good shades in this.

how to wear blue lipstick

blue lipstick matte
Light blue lipstick

light blue lipstick
Maybeline blue lipstick

Maybelline blue lipstick shades have been made for every skin tone. One can choose the best shade for her.

Dark blue lipstick

dark blue lipstick

the blue makeup trend has become popular in 2020. Girls always look for some darker shades for night parties. Go wise, select the right shade, and wear simple lipstick, you will look amazing.