Fantasy Makeup Tutorial – Create the fabulous look you want

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Do you know that you can create the fabulous look you want with this fantasy style makeup tutorial? But, before this, you must know each and everything about fantasy style makeup. After reading this article, you will love to do these amazing makeup for any desired look.

What is Fantasy makeup?

After knowing about the definition and tips of fantasy makeup, you will be able to choose the right fantasy look for you. Fantasy style makeup is to have any look or it helps pretend to be any character or thing. You can makeover like an insect, witch, fairy, animal, cat, mermaid, or any character you want. In this makeover, you don’t use makeup to beautify yourself but you do it for some creation.

fantasy green makeup

Examples of Fantasy Makeup Look

  • Fairy

  • Mermaid

  • Vampire

  • Witch

  • Snake

  • Cat

  • Butterfly

  • Queen

  • Peacock

fantasy style makeup

Fantasy style makeup tips 

  • First of all, decide the look you want to create
  • Then get focused to have this look and see different images of this character.
  • Have some patience and try to learn how to do it!
  • Now, use your daily cosmetics for having a new look.
  • You need to focus on your whole face not only the eyes and lips.
  • Every part of your face plays an important role to create a specific look like nose, cheeks, and chin even.
  • Use long-lasting and waterproof makeup products
  • Always use small brushes for good details
  • After makeup, work with a hairstyle and dress for a perfect look.

Fairy look makeup

Fantasy Makeup tutorial

Here you can get all the tutorials about the following characters.

1. Fairy make up tutorial

2. Witch or vampire makeup tutorial

3. Cat makeup

4. Gothic makeup

5. Halloween makeup

6. Butterfly makeup 


The last part is having the best photography of your face. You can use many camera applications to give you the perfect look.

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