What to Expect During Your Appointment to a Permanent Makeup Artist?

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What exactly is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a very useful procedure. It is a one-time investment that will save you from the hassle of applying intricate makeup every day. Don’t get me wrong – you won’t walk out of the clinic looking like a fashionista. Instead, with permanent makeup, you can enhance the pigmentation of your lips. Also, to add freckles to your face or get eyeliner tattooed to your eyelid. A permanent makeup artist will help you achieve that.

Walking into the Clinic

You will have to schedule an appointment with the consultant. The consultant will guide you through the verbal know-how of the permanent makeup process. He will also tell you about any pre-procedure care you must take.

After the Appointment:

Here is a step-wise guide of what you can expect after you schedule the appointment:

  • The Consultation:

    Micropigmentation specialist will assure you about the safety of the procedure. You can discuss everything you desire from permanent makeup with this consultant. They will write down all your considerations. You may also want to talk about any conditions you have. This can include allergies, hypoallergenic reactions to pigmentation, or anesthetics. This could also include blood disorders like anemia and others.

They will then talk to you about pre- and post-procedure precautions. And how you can effectively recover from the after-effects of the procedure.

You can also talk to the consultant about the hygienic conditions of the clinic. You can ask them to show you around the clinic. Thus, to assure yourself that only the most sterile equipment is being used by the permanent makeup artist for applying the procedure.

  • After Consultation:

    You can then decide whether you want to get permanent makeup or not. If the answer is still yes, you may be asked for some documentation a bit of paperwork, and a photograph of your pre-procedure look. This ensures the clinic that you are serious. You can give the beauty clinic permission to use the photo for their catalog or social media if you wish. Now, it’s time for the procedure.

  • The Procedure:

    They will give you anesthetics depending on the kind of permanent makeup you want. A permanent eyeliner application will need an anesthetic because of the sensitive skin. Eyebrow procedures are much less painful.

Some procedures like lip pigmentation take much longer than other procedures like freckles or beauty mark applications. So the procedure time may differ depending on the kind of permanent makeup you want.

After the Procedure:

When the procedure is over, you can relax a bit and enjoy the satisfaction of having permanent makeup on your face. After any cosmetic procedure, you can notice some visible swelling or redness in the affected area and permanent makeup is no different.

HD Beauty Permanent Makeup Academy will provide you with a few essentials to remove the after-effects of the permanent makeup procedure and make it more natural. This can include ice-packs and medicated ointments. We will need a post-procedure photograph of you as well for our records. You can then make a follow-up appointment with your beauty esthetician and you are done!

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