Top 7 Wonderful Mascara Hacks

Last Updated on August 10, 2020 by Janie Wilson

Searching for the secret of getting the adorable thin, long, and curly eyelashes for long? Congratulations! You are in the right spot. Here, I would provide you the fabulous and impressive Mascara Hacks. They would fulfill your dream of having super stunning eyelashes. It is one of the beauty products which is ample to change your look completely. Mascara is one of the cosmetics without which the makeup is considered to be incomplete. It is available in a myriad of amazing and mesmerizing colors. One must be aware of the fabulous Mascara Hacks to make their appeal even more attractive.

Let us have a look at the top 7 Mascara Hacks and change your world with amusement and pleasure.

1. Proper Wiggling:

It is mandatory to swipe the mascara brush in the zig-zag position on your eyelashes. Enhance the beauty of your lashes and cast a spell on the mass. A simple swipe or stroke is not ample as it may cause instaclamp. Avoid this situation by using the perfect Mascara Hack of wiggling. One gets the super impressive added bonus to the eyelash through this technique.

2. Powder Coating:

To get the thick eyelashes, it is necessary to add volume to it. You can achieve it by coating the lashes with the translucent powder and then the mascara is applied. One can use baby powder for the coating purpose. This Mascara Hack would do wonder to your eyes by adding instant volume to lashes.

3. Use of Hot Water on Mascara Wand:

In order for the Mascara to work conveniently on the lashes, one should use this hack on their old mascara. Run hot water over the mascara wand. It would aid your mascara to embellish your eyes for more weeks.

4. Clumpy Lashes:

Clumpy lashes impart a dull and boring look. No one wants to have such a look. The failure of mascara application or tedious look is enough to break your heart. If you get clumpy lashes after applying mascara then, you do not need to worry about it. One can get rid of it fast. Yes! You read right. Use the toothbrush on the lashes to remove the clumps and get amazed by the outcome.

5. Perfect Eye Lash Curler:

To get the perfect curled eyelashes by using a curler is outstanding. But what if somebody forgets to take the curler along with her or has not purchased the one. There is a quick Mascara Hack to get the brilliant curling of eyelashes. Is it not awesome? Get the curled lashes by using the spoon. It would work the same. Take the spoon and keep it on the lash line. Place your finger on the spoon and press it against the edge of eyelashes. Beauty it by rotating the spoon and pulling it upwards. Then apply mascara.

6. Avoid Spreading of Mascara:

The issue of spreading the mascara while applying to the lashes is a troublesome one. To prevent it from getting on your eyelids, this Mascara Hack would be the perfect one. Take a business card and place it on the eyelids. Apply as many strokes of mascara as you find the best to add volume to the lashes with complete confidence. It would provide an elegant and magical look.

7. Good-Bye to Dry Mascara:

No doubt, no one likes goodbyes and it is hard to say goodbye. But, here, we are gonna say goodbye to the old and dry mascara to welcome the new one. Place a few drops of castor oil in it and then close the mascara. Shake it well and then apply to provide a mega boost to your eyelashes. One should give this mascara hack a try.


Mascara Hacks are revealed to the beauties in order to improve their experience regarding this particular cosmetic product. Voluminous and fantastic eyelashes are loved by everyone. It gives the most eye-catching and captivating look in the wink of an eye. Make your life beautiful by giving a special place to these glamorous hacks.

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