How Long To Wait Before Dyeing Hair Again? Know The Facts

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Hair coloring can be a thrilling affair. Whether you do it yourself at home, or in a salon, there is no doubt that you will be quite anxious to see your new look. For one thing, a new appearance, if that looks stunning, can be a great morale booster. That’s why it becomes so frustrating and embarrassing when it doesn’t go your way! Either it’s too dark for your liking or too light to get noticed. Or perhaps something else has gone awry like not getting the color you expected. Either way, the frustration is so great that you want to do it again right away. But, can you do that without damaging your hair?

This is the question that needs an answer. So, the million-dollar question is: how long to wait before dyeing hair again?

how long to wait before dyeing hair againPeople who may worry about waiting between hair coloring are those whose hair color is different from their natural color. If you belong to this group, you know how important it is to observe the re-growth process. And that of re-dyeing your hair before your head starts to look like a rainbow or a multi-colored umbrella! Sometimes, it’s only been a few weeks since your last color and you already feel that your hair needs a re-dye. Are you okay with that? Will your hair look good when you do that? These are the questions that creep into our minds over and over again. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article.

Why should you wait between coloring your hair?

You may be aware that every chemical process affects your hair, and hair coloring is not an exception. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t re-color your hair straightway. For one thing, it is common knowledge that you shouldn’t expose it to strong chemicals too often.

There is a difference between people with strong and weak hair. People who are lucky enough to have strong and healthy hair can afford to be a bit more aggressive with their hair than others. But, even their hair is still not immune to the negative effects of the strong chemicals used in hair dyeing.

If your hair is not so strong and sensitive to damage, you should definitely wait before re-dyeing it.

Split ends and broken hair are two of the most common consequences of over-coloring. Every time you color your hair, the outer layer tears off and damages the hair shaft. As a result, your hair loses its shiny luster and softness and becomes dry and brittle.

How long do you have to wait before dyeing your hair again?

In general, it is advisable to wait at least four weeks between colorings. This is the least interval for taking care of your hair. It’s actually better to wait six to seven weeks if you’re afraid of making a mess of your hair. But, for people with more resistant and stronger hair, five weeks could be enough.

If you want to color your hair sooner, I recommend you use this conditioner for colored hair! I’ve used it many times when I’ve been unhappy with my hair color and it has worked wonders!

However, everything depends on the condition of your hair after the color treatment. If it’s damaged after the first time, don’t rush to re-dye and repair your hair as this will damage it further.

Deep conditioning at least once every few days is one of the best ways to repair the damage you’ve done to your hair by coloring it.

Here is one of my favorites that can help you in this situation. Thanks to this amazing deep conditioner for colored hair. You can color your hair earlier when it starts to feel better again.

It’s always easier and less harmful to color your hair darker than choosing a lighter color. If you have strong hair and it turns darker, in most cases you can wait for less than the mandatory 7-8 weeks.

Always read the instructions that come with your hair color. The manufacturers of the product also know how to use it and how often.

Do you need to do a full re-dye because an inch of your hair is a different color? You might only color the roots that have grown back since the last time? Then, you could do a full re-dye once every two months and save your hair from getting damaged permanently.

If you plan to change hair color on a regular basis, consider using semi-permanent colors. This will save you a lot of effort and time. Besides, you can wash the dye at any time. If you don’t want a completely different tone, but want to raise one or two levels, you can opt for a mild 10 or 20 volume hair dye and not wait too long.

Wrapping up

The general rule is to wait five to eight weeks before dyeing your hair again. But, as we have learned, this is not required all the time. If your hair is strong and you use a dye that is not too hard, you can wait a little less and things may still look good for you. In most cases, you can feel if your hair is fine and you can color it earlier. If it’s damaged and you will have to wait for your hair, as it needs repairing first before you dye it again.

Either way, no matter what kind of hair you have, we can’t say with certainty that your hair will be badly damaged. Even if you dye it twice a week for example. It may or may not happen, but what is necessary is to know what should be a good interval between dyeing and re-dyeing it. After all, it is your hair and if you damage it to look trendy, you will only have yourself to blame for that. So, the next time, if anybody asks you: how long to wait before dyeing your hair again”, or “how long to wait between coloring hair”, you should be able to answer with some degree of authority.

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