What happens if you mix conditioner with hair dye?

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What happens if you mix conditioner with hair dye? This got me a bit taken aback when one of my close friends asked me this question during a casual conversation. Well, I groped for an answer which would please her. Then, I mumbled that I would let her know the next day since I could not answer that with a straightforward yes or no. This made me happy that I could come up with a detailed reply the next day.

If you color your hair regularly, you would wonder at least once if you can mix your hair dye with your conditioner or shampoo. Some people think it’s a good idea to spread the color and keep the shine of your hair.

What happens if you mix conditioner with hair dye?Others think it can make the process of coloring your hair easier. But the truth is that it’s a delicate and risky area to venture into.

Can you mix hair dye with conditioner and shampoo? The quick and casual answer to this question is yes, you can mix hair dye and conditioner. You can also mix your shampoo with your hair dye. But you need a specific hair dye to make the desired wonders you intend to. Otherwise, by doing this, you will only soften the color of your hair dye.

There’s a reason why you shouldn’t use your shampoo or conditioner after coloring your hair<span data-offset-key=”eff5v-1-0″>. So, if you’re also asking yourself a similar question, I will discuss further it in this post. You’ll also find much more useful information about your hair and the influence of dyes on your hair.

So what actually happens if you mix conditioner with hair dye?

When we talk about adding conditioner to hair color, we get divided opinions. Some hairdressers believe that adding conditioner to hair color actually protects the hair from the harmful chemicals present in most hair dyes.

Some would think otherwise. They are in the opinion that conditioner will only soften the color of the hair and give it a lighter shade. That would work very well if that’s the goal. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, as with most dilemmas we face.

If you mix the conditioner with the hair dye, the color you get will appear to be more diluted and faded. That’s why it should be a great idea to mix your conditioner with these stylish colors. Such as electric blue, dazzling purple, or even bright silver.

This is a great strategy for mellowing neon colors, which could be too bright. But, some people may not be comfortable with these shocking shades.

If you’re afraid of getting a color that’s too shocking for your taste, you should add a little conditioner to your hair color. It doesn’t take much to get the pastel shades you want instead of, say, a deep pink.

So, if you want to color your hair in a different way, but aren’t ready for such a vibrant shade, using a conditioner should be your answer.

Mixing your hair color with the conditioner has no negative effects on your hair. The only drawback is that it may not have the desired result you are hoping to achieve.

Before applying this type of treatment, you should consider the type of color you are using. Also, consider the conditioner you are going to use, and the condition of your hair.

How to mix your hair color with the conditioner

If you have chosen the pastel color, mix blue, green, pink, orange, or other light types of hair dye along with a conditioner.

Always use a white conditioner. Avoid colors containing different dyes, which may come from ingredients that may not go well with your dye.

You will use one-third of a cup of conditioner, so you won’t need much. In the same cup you put the conditioner in, add a big spoonful of the desired hair color.

Be sure to stir this mixture well until you incorporate the conditioner into the hair color. Once you have this mixture, add it to the rest of the hair color you want to use. You can now color your hair as usual.

When you mix the conditioner to the hair color, it is not necessary to add it when rinsing the hair after coloring. This will keep your hair soft and shiny as you wanted it.

Can I mix semi-permanent hair color with conditioner?

Yes, you can mix conditioner with semi-permanent hair color. But, there are some things to consider. The process of adding conditioner to your hair color is exactly the same as before.

You will have to mix the conditioner in the cup with the dye and add the mixture to the rest of the dye. The reasons why you should do this and the risks involved are discussed below.

First, adding conditioner to your semi-permanent color can offer some protection to your hair, as some experts claim. At the same time, this will provide an extra layer that will act as a barrier between your hair and the chemicals present in the semi-permanent dye.

Anyway, if you want to add conditioner to this kind of dye, you should keep in mind that a semi-permanent dye is not as strong as a permanent dye.

It is already weakened and will adhere to hair much less than other dyes. If you dilute it with conditioner, you will face such a dilemma. For now, you will have to consider not only the color of the dye but also the time it remains in your hair.

This means that the color of semi-permanent hair will be removed more quickly if you mix it with conditioner. You can also use a silicone-free conditioner to get the best results. It allows you to avoid the simple addition of extra chemicals that could cause a harmful reaction when combined with the hair color.

Is it possible to mix the intensity of Joico Color with that of the conditioner?

Joico Color Intensity is a permanent or semi-permanent color cream that comes in the most vibrant shades. From very light blondes to neon colors with darker shades of brown and black, you name it and they have it. In fact, they have everything in their color spectrum.

Almost everyone who wants an eccentric hair color may feel inclined to buy hair color from the Joico brand. Not only can these colors withstand up to 20 shampoos, but they are also eye-catching. But, can you mix it with the conditioner?

Well, the answer is: not only can you mix Joico Color, but it can also benefit your hair. If you want a lighter shade of any Joico color, you can add certain conditioners that serve this purpose.

You will be truly amazed by the brilliance and softness of these highlights! Joico’s hair dyes are so easy to use when combined with conditioners and even shampoos. Most hairstylists will probably combine them with these products to achieve the shiny effect that all customers are fond of.

But not all shades found in Joico work the same way. Some will give you the desired results you want when mixed with conditioner. Whereas others won’t make a difference at all.

Choose lighter shades when adding the conditioner. Or those neon color shades you may want to lighten up for your personal preference. For example, if you combine the black color with conditioner, you won’t get very great results. The same applies to dark brown and chocolate shades for that matter.

Can I mix the purple shampoo with the hair dye?

Out of all the shampoos on the market, purple is perhaps the best that you can mix with your hair color. Especially, if you are blonde or have a yellow hair color you want to remove.

If you combine a purple or blue shampoo with hair color, follow the 50/50 rule. This means adding 50% shampoo and the remaining 50% hair color. The total quantity will depend on your hair length.

As long as you maintain the proportions, your results will live up to the expectations. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply them to your hair like normal hair color and you are good to go.

This will not color your hair from scratch when you want to go from one condition to another. But, you’ll enjoy the color you have for much longer.

Be careful not to overdo it, though. You don’t need to mix your hair color with purple or blue shampoo whenever you wash your hair. Especially, if you wash it daily or quite a few times a week.

Only do this trick if you feel you need to improve your color needs. Otherwise, you can use your blue shampoo to remove copper tones and your purple shampoo to remove yellow tones.

It’s also a good trick if you want to dye your hair a new shade but only want one shade. If you add purple or blue shampoo to your hair color, you can add a slight shade of color to your hair.

And that shade will come out in 3 shampoos, so it won’t last long. It’s a good trick to play with different colors without damaging your hair as if you were coloring it each time.

An important aspect is to protect your hair from drying. You can use a proper color-protecting hair mask at least once a week. This is very important when mixing shampoos with hair dyes as you also want to provide your hair with healthy vitamins. And not the strong and harmful chemicals these products contain.

The addition of certain oils to the hair also helps to restore its natural condition after a coloring process. You can apply coconut oil or olive oil to nourish your hair and moisturize it from time to time.

Wrapping up

As you can see, you can definitely mix hair dyes with conditioner and shampoo. Thus, depending on the type of results you want to achieve. You can do this occasionally to enhance your color when you feel that your hair looks dull and discolored.

You can also do it to get a lighter shade of hair color. Mix hair dye with conditioner as well as a shampoo to protect your hair during the coloring process.

The reasons for doing this are entirely yours. But, you should be aware of the different hair colors and how well or how bad they react with the conditioners and shampoos available on the market. Otherwise, it is most likely that you are going to mess things up.

Mixing chemicals always contains an element of risk. But you can opt for conditioners and hair treatments that are as organic as possible. Your hair will not become overwhelmed by unnecessary and harmful chemicals. The same is true when you think of mixing your hair dye with shampoo.



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