What Color To Dye Over Green Hair When You Need To Change?

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What color to dye over green hair? What should you do when you think that your hair needs to get re-dyed for some reason? This type of question is often asked by people in hair care forums as many have no clue what to do in such a case. If you have colored your hair green and think that it is time for a change, this post is for you.

what color to dye over green hairTo begin with, gaudy bright and flashy– colors are nowadays at the forefront of the hairstyle trends. They hardly seem to have lost their place of prominence. Top international celebs like Lady Gaga and many others who follow them have dyed their hair green. Needless to say, many of them look stunning in this color. Whatever your inspiration for such an adventurous experience, the green color of your hair can be a two-way sword. It can help you go through a wide range of emotions since you get both admirations as well as a flak for this daring hairdo.

Pink, Green, and blue-green hair color can attract a lot of attention. They help create an out-of-the-way, devil-may-care attitude about yourself. In fact, these are the brightest and the boldest of colors you can choose for hair coloring. But, what do you do with bleached green hair?

Although green hair color is the most difficult to remove, there are many effective methods to achieve this. If you think you need a more natural color or move over to some other daring colors, you should know that there are certain rules to follow. I recommend you follow these tips or else you could make a mess of it.

Some tips for successfully coloring your green hair

To change your hair color from green to brown or natural blonde, you may need to remove the green color from your hair. If you want to continue the adventure of coloring your hair in unnatural colors. In that case, you can avoid the green removal procedure. Try to cover Professional colorists are aware that green is the most difficult color to get rid of. If you want to return to natural colors or light colors that need to be dyed on a very light base, you will need to bleach your hair. This may need patience. It often takes several sessions to completely wipe out the green color from your hair.

A professional hair colorist has enough experience to create the right plan to get the color the client wants. The hairstylist first takes a close look at the hair. Then he or she makes an assessment of the condition of the hair, the dye used, the intensity of the color, and the desired end result. It may be easier to get darker shades than blonde shades.

In general, several sessions are necessary to make the bleaching process less harmful to the hair. After each bleaching session, the hair is dyed with the dye that contains red to reduce the green. Experts often recommend some extra products. Yes, they do that to restore the hair structure and take off the green color.

The professional colorists are well-conversant with the latest and most effective hair products. They know how to solve this problem and reduce hair damage during color changes. Relying on hair colorist is the safest and most effective way to get the right color. Thus, keep your hair shiny and healthy.

Some tips on how to make the color green disappear on its own

If you don’t feel the urge to completely remove the green color from your hair, you can try washing it yourself. There are certain good-quality clarifying shampoos that can help reduce hair color. Deep-cleansing shampoos also help fade your hair color.

A high-quality shampoo combined with a conditioner can solve the problem and take care of your hair. After washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo, you can try to color your hair on top of the faded green color. Red hair color over green neutralizes the green. This may turn your hair color from brown to bright red.

There are also some home recipes for removing color, such as using ketchup for green hair. You can also try lemon juice, baking powder, vitamin C, as well as vinegar. These products can help you reduce hair color, but they are not reliable and can damage your hair.

The best color to dye over green hair

You may also be open to experimentation and don’t need a lighter shade that requires a very clear base. You can try dyeing your green or blue-green hair with another dye. You can do that without bleaching your hair. Yes, if follow the basic principles of color theory and you are good to go.

If you understand the theory of color circles, you will be able to plan the steps you need to move from green to another color. The opposite of green is the color red, so dyeing your green hair red cancels out the green. Any red dye (including pink and purple) that doesn’t contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia can help reduce the green color enough. A red dye in blue hair can give it a brownish color.

A blue dye over green hair can help you get a turquoise color shade or bluish-black or dark teal hair.

What if bleached hair turns green after dyeing?

A common concern of those who like to color their hair is that colored hair will turn green on its own. This can occur due to contact with chlorinated water. You should avoid swimming pools for 7 days after hair dyeing. Chlorine is the most common reason why blonde hair turns green after dyeing.

The color that has remained in the hair after the previous dyes can also appear green. The use of henna for coloring can also be the reason why hair turns green after dyed brown.

To reduce the green color in this case, you can try using a deep-cleaning shampoo. You can also use a top-quality toning shampoo, or seek professional help from your hairdresser.

Wrapping up

Experimenting with appearances can provide a lot of fun. You can make sure that you get exactly the color you want. Hence, reduce the chance of having a problem like you dyed your hair blue and it somehow turned green. To avoid that, it’s best to have the changes made by a professional colorist. If you don’t bother about a sudden unexpected result, you can try to give your hair a brighter shade yourself at home. Yes, you can do it by following the rules of color theory. Have fun in your next hair dye adventure!

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