Best Business Hairstyle For Men In 2024

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So, I presume you are here because you want a jazzy, modern, and stylish haircut for yourself. But, you also want to look like a hardworking professional or a no-nonsense hardcore businessman. And at the same time, you want a style that reflects your personal style. Is there a way to meet these requirements at the same time? Well, there is. If you take a close look at the best business hairstyles of 2020, you will know why so many people around the world searched this keyword phrase.

You might want a conservative haircut for another work-related reason. According to a recent survey, over 40% of Americans have a job in a corporate office. If you are one of them, you probably have a dress code and hairstyles are often mentioned in those codes.

Whether for personal or professional reasons, it’s difficult to find attractive professional hairstyles. Especially, if you don’t know what to look for. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite professional hairstyles. We also have some tips on why these hairstyles are different from the usual ones.

Elements of a business hairstyle

Traditionally, many office jobs require a more conservative haircut. Hence, to maintain a clean appearance among employees. Recommended haircuts range from super short cuts to slightly longer Ivy League cuts or classic tapered cuts.

When fashionable men enter the workplace, it can be difficult for them to follow the company dress code while finding a style that suits them. Of course, not all employees want a non-conformist hairstyle. But, some men want a more elegant hairstyle that fits the company culture.

What makes a good corporate hairstyle for work or office? A good business hairdo has three essential elements:


It doesn’t have to mean “simple” or “boring”. Business hairstyles are often more casual and boring, but they can still be elegant. In other words, a mullet hairdo with a pointy top would be a bad business style. So, you would definitely eschew such a maverick hairstyle that doesn’t match the business atmosphere.


A professional hairstyle should be clean, elegant, and well-cut at the ends. The cut should be uniform and the hairstyle should have a professional approach. So, you should always choose a hairdresser or barber you can trust. Only a professional hairstylist who knows his job should take care of your haircut.


At first glance, it may seem a bit paradoxical. But, a real business hairstyle can be used in many situations. It should be appropriate for you to go to work, eat with your family or attend a prestigious ceremony. Many men choose business hairstyles because of their flexibility.

If you are having trouble finding a good hairstyle, we have done that hard work for you. You can choose from many different sizes and shapes. Whether you are a fan of the classic style of the early 20th century or a shorter, simpler style, you will find something here that suits you best.

The best business hairstyles for men in 2024

Needless to say, as a businessman or a professional, you want to exude success and seriousness. At the same time, you want to move around in perfect style! We’ll tell you which haircut is most popular at work. Also, we’ll give you the styling tips you need for your ideal corporate hairstyle.

Professional men need the right skills, the right suit and the right hairstyle to suit their professional environment. A good haircut can convey youth, wisdom, and seriousness in the workplace. Whereas experimental hairstyles can mean the exact opposite. Find out here which hairstyle will help you climb the career ladder with perfect elegance and aplomb.

The Crew Cut

crew cutIn a crew cut, you can see the hairs on the sides and back of the shaved head, while the top hairs remain longer. Depending on the structure of the hair, you can comb it with a small amount of styling products such as gel or wax. Unlike the “Buzz” cut, where the upper hairs are also removed by scissors, the “Crew” cut is a bargain in every way.

The next hairstyle that is closely related to the “Crew” cut is the “High and tight” cut. The upper hair measures between half an inch and one inch long, while the sides are cut very short. The short sides and overall style are compatible with a round or oval face.

The Facon Cut

facon cutThe facial haircut, also known as the classic taper cut or fade cut, is, in fact, a timeless haircut. It’s characterized by a balanced relationship between refinement and flexibility. It also stands for good taste and refinement. With this type of haircut, the hair on the sides is cut short and the hair on the top remains long. While the sides gradually change from short at the neck and too long at the top.

With a standard tapered cut, the top hair can be up to about two centimeters long. For an even more sophisticated look, you can enhance the hairstyle with a side parting.

The Modern Quiff

modern quiff

This haircut was, is, and always will be one of the most popular among men, even in the workplace. This is actually a tribute to the Pompadour cut of the 1950s, which is characterized by an impressive hairstyle. The sides and back get shaved off in a few fractions of a centimeter. Thanks to its versatility, a quiff can work with both short and long hair. Modern quiffs can also be made with strong, spectacular undercuts or softer strokes of the scissors, making it shorter on the sides.

Tip: Long hair can give you a bulky look, but even a shorter hairstyle can also be an amazing style statement. When combing with pomade or gel, spread the product evenly. Run your fingers through your hair from front to back. This gives the hair a natural, textured look.

Slicked back undercut   

slicked back undercutThis hairstyle has short sides and long hair on top, but this time the hair is combed back. For the look to be effective, the hair at the top must be at least two and a half centimeters long. Hence, to put it straight backward for more elegance.

In spite of its simpleness, the slicked back undercut is very versatile. Thereby, suitable for all hair types and occasions.

Tip: You should treat your hairstyle with a pomade or gel that provides a strong or lighter hold.

Side-swept hair

best business hairstyle for menThis hairstyle curved to the sides gives a casual and well-cared-for look. A classic style with a bit of chaos in thrown between is perfect for casual types. Or for those who work in a less conservative environment. It is particularly suitable for straight or a bit of wavy hair. You can comb it sideways with a little hair care product. They call this cut a “business casual”. To emphasize your casual style, you should wear a cashmere sweater and comfortable stretch jeans.

If you have less hair, you can use a volumizing powder to add body or use a volumizing shampoo before styling.

Ivy League Hairstyle

best business hairstyle for menAlso known as the Princeton Cup or Harvard Clip, the Ivy League Cup has a touch of elegance, elitism, and success. This cut is a mix of a crew cut and side-combed hair. So, it requires the same main ingredients: short sides and long hair on top.

The Ivy League has hair on top that is long enough to be pulled apart at the sides and combed to increase the elegance. This means you’ll have versatile styling and a chic look that’s compatible with a wide variety of men. It will also suit your work environment that smacks of sophistication and professionalism.

Wrapping up

Hope this list of best business hairstyle for men in 2020 will give you some idea about the new and trendy looks. This will help you enhance your image as a man who means business. At the same time, remembers to make a style statement.

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