high and tight haircut

Do you want to have a trending hairstyle in 2017 but have no time then you must try this high and tight haircut. This is one of the most famous and easiest short hairstyle for men in 2017.Why most guys and barbers like this high and tight haircut let’s find. 

High and tight haircut

We say that high and tight haircut 2017 is best of this year haircut but the stylists think high and tight haircut 2018 will be best for many years. Bur what are the reasons see below. 

  1.  High and tight is easy to maintain

  2. It is simple to style

  3. It is time-saving

  4. Low budget hairstyle

  5. Too many styling options

  6. For all face shapes

  7. For all  hair types

  8. For longer and shorter hair

  9. Looks good on all ages of men


High and tight haircuts

Here are some most popular and trending high and tight haircuts for men.This style is easy, fast and simple and it requires no special hair products and no maintenance. The most amazing thing about this style is that it gives a tidy and neat look to all guys. We have given here some tops high and tight styles choose one of your favorite this summer. You can go for high and tight military haircut or high and tight fade.Here are some best high and tight haircuts for men.

1.High and Tight haircuts with Spikes

This is a simple high and tight haircut but if you want some change then you can make spikes on the top. You just need the gel to style. It will give you an amazing look.

high and tight haircut



2.High and tight taper fade

In this taper fade, the short part of hair looks much tighter than regular. This is a good choice for men on the job. It looks amazing with a beard.
high and tight haircut

3.The Wet high and tight look

High and tight allows you to style like you want. The Wet look is the best for the summer parties. Apply some gel on top of the hair and comb on right side.
high and tight haircut

4.High and tight with combing over

Looking stylish with high and tight is not difficult. Just have some gel on your hair and comb over as you want.It will take a short time but the long effect to your personality.
high and tight haircut
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5.Crew cut high and tight 

Crew cut and high and tight are just same. So having the same at the same time can create an awesome look.


high and tight haircut