Picking your nose make your nostrils bigger

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Most of us pick our noses sometimes, it is like a curious habit. There’s been a lot of questions about “will it make your nostrils bigger?” or “will it change the size and shape of my nose?”. Picking your nose actually has a reason. Most people pick their nose because they want to clean out boogers inside of it. If you do not clean it, dried mucus may find its way down to the rear of the nasal passage and down the throat.

Allergies and sinus infections can increase the volume of mucus in the nose, too. So, it’s okay to enjoy picking it every now and then. Some people pick their nose because they’re bored or anxious. Some are picking their noses even when there’s someone watching them. They feel that a quick pick alleviates some discomfort.

If you searched about nose-picking making your nose larger or you feel your nose is too big, I recommend you read my other guide on how to make your nose smaller without surgery.

Does picking your nose make your nostrils bigger?

Our nose is flexible, thus, it is impossible to place pressure on the nose and make it expand by picking it. There’s nothing to worry about. Picking your nose does not determine the size and shape of it too unless you take surgery. Our nose modifies due to certain factors, not by picking it, so don’t get confused. Picking the nose is rarely dangerous for some other reasons, but not to make it bigger.

Is it harmful to pick your nose?

Most agree that nose-picking is an unseemly habit. When asked whether you have this habit, most deny. Nose picking is a bit similar when you pop your pimple or ear cleaning with cotton swabs. You know you shouldn’t, but sometimes you can’t help yourself. In some cases, doing it may cause potential damages.


Digging tiny dead skin, and mucus out of your nose can cause extreme pain. This can lead to nosebleeds.

Nasal infections

Sticking your fingers inside your nose to clean them up will leave your poor little nose exposed to all sorts of bad bacterial infections. Fingernails can cause small cuts in your nasal tissue and it is harmful. Thus, the bacteria can cause infections inside your nose. Sometimes nose pickers tend to bite their nails and skin. That is no doubt they’re at risk of doubling the chance of getting infections.

Rupture Septum

Your nostrils aren’t as tough as you might think. The septum is a structure that divides the left and right nostrils. Its function is to allow the air that we breathe in through our nasal passages. It goes from the tip of the nose into the back of the nose and into the lungs. Excessive nose picking may damage it and even cause a hole.

Damage Nasal Cavity

Too much picking can damage your nasal cavity. If nose-picking becomes a repetitive behavior, it may cause a condition called Rhinotillexomania. You may experience inflammation and swelling of the nasal tissue. This can widen the openings of your nostrils.

Spreading of bacteria and viruses

Mucus absorbs the dust, bacteria, viruses, and other particles that you breathe in every day. If you pick your nose, and then you hold hands to someone, you might spread those bacteria and viruses.

Ways to stop picking your nose

Picking your nose can be a habit and you may want to avoid or at least get away on how to stop it. We know by now that picking nose doesn’t affect the size of the nose. But, you can stop it as soon as possible if you allow yourself. If you still want to do it often, you will allow more bacteria and viruses to invade your nose.

Let us figure out how to kick this habit!

Use a bandage

Putting a bandage on your chosen finger that you use for picking can help prevent nasal penetration. It’s going to be hard for you to pick your nose. But, the result is satisfying as you can control your picking habit and you’ll be more alert to it. 

Saline spray and humidifier

If you feel that your nose is dry and irritated, you might want to use saline spray. This will give a quick spritz the insides of your nostrils. It can help restore moisture and avoid dry snots and dried out mucus. A humidifier may also increase the amount of natural moisture in a room especially at night.

Check out Simply Saline Nasal Mist best in moisturizing nasal passages. Thus, helps wash irritants out of it.

Keep your nose clean and clear

It is important to remove your nose hair. Excess hair will make you itch and it can collect particles from the air. It’s also recommended that you use a nasal hair trimmer to keep your nose clean, reducing the urge to pick your nose. If you have an allergy, you should consult a doctor and ask them for a prescription to treat it. If the allergy happens often, you cannot stop the habit of sticking your finger into your nose.

My favorite is this Liberex Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer. A very effective trimmer for cutting nose & ear hair, mustaches, and even eyebrows. It’s painless, no uncomfortable pulling, and is convenient and easy to use.

Saline Nasal Wash

Saline solution rinses through your nasal passages. This is very helpful at times when seasonal allergies are more troublesome. The rinse will wash away any dust or allergens that can irritate the nasal passages and allow mucus to form.

Try this easy-squeeze bottle of SinuFlo ReadyRinse. This helps you inject a saline solution with adequate pressure to disinfect your nasal passages.

Find a way to entertain yourself

Stressed people can find that picking the nose offers a brief moment of relaxation. Try new things that you may consider to be a more effective stress reliever. Listen to calming music as the level of anxiety begins to increase. You may also practice deep breathing by inhaling for a few seconds then exhaling. Make your hands busy by doing something that can divert you from picking. Imagine if your fingers are not doing something, you’re very likely to pick your nose.


The majority of the people pick their noses. There are several different opinions and perceptions about this. A lot of people believe that picking your nose will lead to a difference in the form and size of the nose. If this habit doesn’t do harm to your nose or has not become a repetitive action, you will be able to pick up safely. Often it can lead to confusion on what causes it to become bigger.  Your nose will never get bigger if you stick your finger or pick inside your nose. But, when you notice a difference in your nose, it might be due to any other factors.

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