How to make your nose smaller without surgery?

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Having a beautiful and pointy nose is the dream of every girl and luckily some have and some have not. If you are one of them and need to learn how to make your nose smaller, then read it.

Today we are going to share the secrets of keeping your nose in shape. Don’t forget to get the tips on how to make small a wide nose and what are the different nose shapes.

Finally, we will share some exercises that will help to make your nose smaller.

Make your nose smaller without surgery

If you have a wide nose and you want to make it smaller than it is not a big deal now.

You don’t need any surgery to make it smaller. You can achieve your goal following these simple tips.

Make your nose smaller by exercises

Reducing your nose with exercise? Here are some simple exercises to reduce the size of your nose. They are simple and easy and you can perform these simple steps in a very short time.

Shortening your nose

With age, the body undergoes debilitating changes. Also, the shape of the nose changes with age due to the weakness of the bones and cartilage in the nose. This simple exercise helps keep the bones and cartilage of the nose strong. Place your index finger on the tip of your nose and press it down. Keep your finger on your nose, pressing down. When you have time, you can do this exercise anytime, anywhere.

Shaping your nose

If you often think about the shape and structure of your nose, this simple exercise will be very useful. Use your index finger to press on both sides of your nose. Breathe out. You can apply pressure on the bottom of both nostrils. Follow this simple procedure 10 to 15 times. This is an easy exercise that allows you to sculpt your nose exactly as you wish.

Wiggling your nose

Wiggling the nose is another proven method of reducing the size of the nose. It helps build bone muscles and makes your nose sharper. You are only required to keep your face still and wiggle your nose. You can do this exercise at any time of the day, but regularity is necessary for the best results.

Nasal straightening

Nasal straightening is an easy exercise to get a perfect nose shape. Smile and use your fingers to lift your nose. This will help you develop the muscles on both sides of your nose. Repeat this exercise up to 20 times a day for a few months for the best results.

Massaging your nose

This is also a great way to reduce the size of your nose. It has many other benefits, like treating headaches. Massage your nose from the bridge of the nose to the sides; be sure to move your fingers in a circular motion. Repeat this procedure 5 to 7 times a day and you will see results in no time.

Nose contouring

When you have to go for an outing or some function, then nose contouring is a simple solution. Thus, to make your nose sharp and beautiful.

How to contour nose?

  • Choose the perfect base according to your face tone.
  • Use some good eye-shade to contour the nose.
  • Choose the three times dimmer shade for contouring than your skin.
  • Apply the blending brush to balance the shade.
  • Try to make a shadow on both sides.
  • Finally, make a shadow below the tip of the nose for the sharp look.

Using a Nose Shaper

The nose shaper is my favorite, and I’ve had excellent results with myself. It is the easiest solution to make a better shape of your nose.

Do Nose Clips Work?

I get asked this and the answer from my own experience is YES THEY DO! I don’t know too many of my friends that have tried them, but the ones I do know have seen results. It’s not going to make your nose half the size, but they are generally effective at making your nose smaller.

Look what an Amazon customer says about this product in her review:

“I love this product! I am a black woman and my nostrils are wide and the bridge is low. Been using this product for several months with 15 to 40 minutes a day. I have also seen a YouTuber who used it every day for 15 minutes for a year and completely reshaped her nose. It’s been four months now and I see great results. I recommend this product and the silicone makes it so comfortable.”

This is also the comment left by another buyer from Amazon:

“As described, it works well! I liked this product. At first, I didn’t expect any results, but my nose seemed smaller for a while. It later leaves a mark on the sides of the nose, but this disappears in a minute. My nose looks smaller than before as described! ”

Make your nose smaller with the ice cubes

Ice cubes are generally available at home. Keep the ice cubes in a clean cloth. Apply it on your nose for 10 minutes daily. It will make your nose sharper and smaller in some days. you have seen above that you can make your nose smaller with these tips. These are simple, easy, and free tips.

Make your nose smaller overnight with natural recipes

There are natural remedies that can make your nose smaller overnight. Here are some simple recipes to help you reduce your nose at home.


Make a paste of powdered ginger and water and apply it to the area of your nose where you want to reduce your nose. Leave it on your nose for 15 minutes and wash it off. This recipe is not recommended for some people with higher sensitivity and a burning sensation. How can I reduce my nose with ginger? Use this amazing recipe.


Mix cider vinegar, toothpaste, and ground ginger in equal parts and apply it to your nose. How can you make your nose smaller with toothpaste? Apply this mask to remain on your nose for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Some More Tips!

  • Always use soft eye colors and shades to create good contouring.
  • Use less makeup on the face
  • Try more blush on to get the attraction diverted
  • Steal attention from the nose with catchy lipstick colors
  • Keep your nose clean from pores and blackheads
  • Do deep breathing every day for 10 minutes as it is good for nose shape.

Every nose shape pointy, wide or small is God gifted, so don’t worry and use the above tips to look attractive.

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Wrapping up

You may not be satisfied with the shape of your nose, there are many options that you can consider. Non-invasive means, such as contouring techniques or fillers, are ways to experiment with the appearance of your nose.

Nose size can also change. This can be from external health factors such as weight gain, pregnancy, melanoma, rosacea, or excessive alcohol consumption. Consult your doctor if the shape of your nose seems to change.

In general, plastic surgery is the last option we recommend. Although it gives you faster results, it comes with many risks and there are always chances of complications. If your nose does not affect your work and appearance. You will not need surgery, and you can, and should, use completely natural methods for your own safety. The question of how to reduce your nose is a common problem for women. Here are some ways to improve the shape of your nose. We hope that you will find some useful and practical beauty tips that will stand you in good stead.

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