nose smaller without surgery
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Having a beautiful and pointy nose is the dream of every girl and luckily some have naturally and some have not and if you are one of them and need to learn how to make your nose smaller then read it.

Today we are going to share the secrets of keeping your nose in shape. Don’t forget to get the tips on how to make small a wide nose and what are the different nose shapes.

Finally, we will share some exercises that will help to make your nose smaller.

How to make your nose smaller?

If you have a wide nose and you want to make it smaller than it is not a big deal now.

You don’t need any surgery to make it smaller. You simply can achieve your goal just following the simple tips.

Exercises for Nose Shape

Instead of getting upset on your big nose just follow these exercises.

  1. Try the Nose shooting exercise, first of all, it is very easy.

Put your index finger on your tip of the nose and press it.

Do it slowly and daily for ten minutes.

2. Wiggle your nose for 30 minutes daily it will make your nose sharp and pointy.

3. Try this one also, You have to press your nose with index fingers daily for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Massage your nose regularly with some good cream.

5. Smile, smile and just smile it will help to keep your nose straight.

Nose contouring

If you have to go for outing or some function then nose contouring is a simple solution to make your nose sharp and beautiful.

How to contour nose?

  1. Choose the perfect base according to your face tone.

2. Use some good eyeshade to contour the nose.

3. Choose the three times dimmer shade for contouring than your skin.

4. Apply the blending brush to balance the shade.

5. Try to make a shadow on both sides.

6. Finally, make a shadow below the tip of the nose for the sharp look.

Nose Shaper

Nose Shaper
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You can easily get the nose shaper from some beauty shop. It is the easiest solution to make good shapes of the nose.

Make your nose smaller with the ice cubes

Ice cubes are the most easily available thing at home. Keep the ice cubes in a clean cloth. Apply it on your nose for 10 minutes daily. Surprisingly it will make your nose sharper and smaller in some days. you have seen above that you can make your nose smaller very easily with these tips. These are simple, easy and free tips.

Some More Tips!

  • Always use soft eye colors and shades to create good contouring.
  • Use less makeup on the face
  • Try more blush on to get the attraction diverted
  • Steal attention from the nose with catchy lipstick colors
  • Keep your nose clean from pores and blackheads
  • Do deep breathing every day for 10 minutes as it is good for nose shape.

 Every nose shape pointy, wide or small is God gifted so don’t worry and use the above tips to look attractive.

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