Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery and After Plastic Surgery

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Nicki Minaj has an outrageous physique, upper body, and butt that is bigger than a normal human being. She’s known for her physical appearance more than her talent in singing. There is no doubt that she dedicated her life to her career in music and gaining popularity. Her fame was not only because of her celebrity appearance.

Some of her hit tunes that are very popular are Anaconda, Super Bass, and The Night is Still Young. And of course, her ever leading hit collaborating with Ariana Grande and Jesse J, Bang Bang was a super hit!

Who is Nicki Minaj?

She is also known to be among the top singers in the industry who are good at rapping. Her attire for most of her clips was beyond ethereal, which lead to an increased number of followers. And of course, the tremendous number of wigs that she uses also makes her popular. Nobody is born perfect, she is not either. Hence, the rumors about plastic surgery kept revolving around the media. Thus, suggesting the fact that the rapper has gone through surgeries. She has gone through breast enhancing surgeries and treatments to enhance the shape of her butt. Everyone is aware of the fact that her physique is very different from what it was when she started singing. Moreover, a person that short can never have a physique so enhanced.

The best way to find out is by going through all of her videos and pictures from the past, which obviously validates the point that Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is true.

People can go through transformations without surgery. If you arent a surgery type of person, you can benefit from seeing our guide on how you can make your nose smaller without surgery.

Nicki Minaj Before Plastic Surgery

Her fans and the paparazzi has observed that there has been a drastic change in her physique, especially her buttocks. She has been going through several cosmetic surgeries to improvise her nose and butt according to her preferences. But, the allegations on her seemed false at first. The fact that she never commented on either of them proved her guilt. She was busy making a name in the world of music, overlooking everything else.

Even if somebody was not a religious follower of her music videos and songs. Her photographs from the past and present emphasize on the fact that she has undergone several surgical procedures to improve her physical appearance.

Nose Job

One of the most controversial rumors about Nicki Minaj is whether she has gotten a nose job done. Or if her face is free of all sorts of cosmetic surgeries. The superstar claims that the reason behind her perfect looking face is the makeup. The contouring and eccentric makeup look make her face appear flawlessly shaped. But, as it has come under the consideration of the media, her nostrils and the bridge of her nose appear slimmer than before. Nicki has always denied this, despite the evident difference in her facial features, before and after the makeup.

The star who calls her fans barbies is adamant about the fact that her face is not plastic. The rapper said that she has never had surgery on her face. They saw the contouring and they thought she has surgery on her nose.

She said that they should take a look at RuPaul’s Drag Race and they will see how one can make a difference, by shaping their nose however they want to. But the difference between the shape of her nose from 2007 to the present makes it evident. Proving the Anaconda star to be guilty as charged.

Before and After?

One of the procedures which are very obvious is that Nicki has gone through breast implant surgeries. Although she has never admitted to the fact that she has gone through any such procedures. But, comparing her earlier physique to what she looks like now, it makes things a little more obvious. Going from a size B to a size D is impossible without surgeries. Unless she gained a tremendous amount of weight, which she has not. The drastic change in her appearance has raged fire among the people. She is being questioned for the rumors that are being spread around.

The main purpose behind her breast implants was to match her upper and lower body. The pictures from before and after making it very evident, due to the unnatural look. Moreover, it seems like the celebrity has no followed standard protocols and consulted a mediocre cosmetic surgeon for her procedures. Whoever was behind the surgeries has done a bad job, emphasizing on unnecessary detailing. It makes it even more obvious from her before and after photographs.

Nicki Minaj After Plastic Surgery

As proven guilty, the famous rapper went through cosmetic surgeries to hide signs of aging. The changes in her facial features are evident. The Botox operation has removed wrinkles and fine lines from her face, which cannot be possible without a surgical procedure.

Critics still claim that her not so skilled surgeons have failed to produce good results. Failing to give her the beauty she requires as a celebrity.

Before and After Surgery Snaps

The fact that she has butt implants cannot be denied because it is very obvious to be precise. Happening in front of everyone’s eyes, a lot of her fans follow her updates on social media since forever. These followers are just astonished as the paparazzi when it comes to her hips and butt. Are they even real? Well, that is what it looks like. Several celebrities have gone through such procedures, but the point here is that Nicki went through it when she was thirty-four. Making it evident that it was all for achieving fame. Despite that, she denies the cosmetic changes.

Did she really get a nose job done?

Comparing her nose before and after the surgery, you will notice the difference in the shape of her nose. Take a look at the music video of Dirty Money, which was shot in the year 2007. Although she denies it and blames it all on the makeup, she cannot get away with this pretty white lie of hers. The rapper says that she has never gone through any surgeries on her face and it is nothing but a rumor. She claims that her makeup is professional, hence it is so perfect that many people fail to observe it. The magic of makeup makes it look like what it is.

Does she really have implants?

Based on several pieces of evidence, it is obvious that she has gone through a butt implant. Her buttocks were flat and plummy during the year 2010, when she was a newbie, compared to 2018. The present pictures show a vast change in the size of her buttocks, and she is continuing to do so.

Facelifts and Implants

Most of the plastic surgeons have claimed that many celebrities go through such procedures enhancing their physical outcome, and Nicki is one of them. The rate at which these procedures are done is increasing over the years. But, procedures such as facelifts and augmentation of the breast are decreasing as the years are going by. Being less in demand.

Like they all say, behind every woman’s success her big ass behind. Proven guilty, Nicki Minaj plastic surgery also comes under the same category of celebrities. 

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