Coffee Scrub for Cellulite: Does It Work?

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Have you ever used coffee scrub for cellulite reduction? If you haven’t, take a look at this post to get some solid information about coffee scrub for cellulite and whether it really works.


What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is also called lipodystrophy. It’s a change type where the fat under the skin shapes to makes it look or lumpy on the surface. There are the most common places for seeing the cellulite such as thighs and the bum. Almost 80 to 95 percent of women have cellulite. Hence it is not an abnormal situation. Women do not like the look of cellulite. Hence, they try to get rid of it.

The changes that create cellulite are very much complex. They involve the overproduction of collagen, water retention, inflammation, poor microcirculation, and fat storage. There are different coffee scrubs for cellulite, so let’s have a look.

How Does Caffeine Work?

The caffeine may stimulate the fat cells to break down fats. It also prevents fat accumulation in fat cells. This could also enhance circulation.

There is a big caveat as this can assist the cellulite. In case this could reach fatty cellulite tissue located in the hypodermis.

Do Coffee Scrubs Treat the Problem of Cellulite?

Coffee Scrub for Cellulite

The coffee scrub is actually as it sounds: the scrub for skin made from the coffee grounds. As particular evidence is lacking, the coffee scrubs for cellulite are actually touted on the internet as well as in women’s magazines. They’re considered as potential methods for successful cellulite treatment.

The products are generally prized for the caffeine as well as antioxidant content which is nice for your skin while it’s applied topically. It might not show any obvious effects on the cellulite but will reduce its appearance. Cellulite refers to dimples in your skin which affects some men and women. These dimples on the skin grow when the fat tissue under the skin is pressed against the tissue close to the surface of the skin.

Cellulite might occur anywhere. It usually tends to be prevalent in those areas where the fat tissue is, such as thighs and buttocks. When you’ve got cellulite, it is tough to get rid of them. The treatment focuses to decrease the appearance of dimples. Coffee scrubs can help you in achieving such effects. But, the best idea is to check with your dermatologist and ask for help or possible solutions.

What Does Science Say about Cellulite?

A coffee scrub assists in treating cellulite in many different ways. Caffeine in the coffee might assist in dilating the blood vessels and decreasing the appearance of cellulite. Your skin might tighten from stimulating effects of the caffeine by boosting the blood flow and diminishing the excess water. The coffee is rich in the antioxidants that help in promoting a healthy skin tone. They include phenols that are plant-based chemicals that ward off the free radicals.

There is one more advantage of the coffee scrub which is its natural exfoliating effects. Like some other exfoliating scrubs, it might help in removing the dead skin cells which results in smooth skin. Whereas the exfoliation itself might not get rid of the cellulite, the effects might decrease its appearance.

A body massage might help as well. The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery has revealed that massages could help the lymphatic drainage. It stretches the skin tissue to improve the cellulite appearance. Yet, research conducted on the coffee scrubs is actually lacking. Current studies, as well as reviews, have focused on the cellulite treatment using caffeine and some other ingredients.

One review revealed that along with carnitine, retinol, and some other ingredients, the caffeine increases the thickness of the epidermis (that is the top layer of your skin). They achieved these results with the cosmetic products containing caffeine and not coffee particularly.

Similar research on one or more cosmetic creams that contained caffeine for cellulite reduction was conducted. Once again, there’s no coffee in the product. Whereas the above-mentioned study demonstrates that they needed more clinical tests to study the effects of coffee on cellulite treatment.

How to Use Coffee  Scrub For Cellulite Reduction

For the coffee scrub, you need to mix coffee grounds and hot water. Then, as you mix well, you can add more of both ingredients in case you need, until you have achieved thickness. In case your skin is dry, you may add a small amount of olive or coconut oil to this mixture.

You must not mix used coffee grounds for your scrub. To get the potential advantages of caffeine, you have to be sure that you choose the traditional coffee instead of decaf.

Now, you can apply this scrub on your clean skin. Massage gently over the problem areas with the fingertips but do not rub it in. You could also use a soft cloth in case you see the paste is too messy for the nails or fingertips.

When you have massaged for a few minutes, wash the area. Ideally, you should complete the process in the shower to prevent stains and mess of the coffee grounds. If you do not want to make the coffee scrub mixture yourself, then you might try ready-to-use coffee scrub made particularly for cellulite reduction. You need to strictly follow all the instructions of the product. Stop its usage immediately in case you notice a rash or signs of sensitivity to that product.

For more advantages, you need to use coffee scrub 2 to 3 times per week. It is like the rule of thumb which applies to some other masks, scrubs, and massage. This might take a few weeks or even longer of regular use to see the significant results. Then, if you don’t see expected improvements after a while, you can consider seeing your dermatologist for a medical consultation.

Should You Try This?

Coffee scrubs are a quite trendy type of cellulite treatment. Many users are getting good results. Still, this is not clear whether these benefits are because of the coffee or due to the exfoliating action of the scrub. It is also possible that some people might not see any difference in the cellulite at all.

As there’s no scientific study available that can back up those claims, you will need to use these with caution. And, like other skin treatments, the results would go away once you stop the treatment. You might need to discuss some other methods of decreasing the cellulite appearance with the doctor, as for example exercise.

A Homemade Coffee Scrub for the Cellulite

To make your home-made coffee scrub for the cellulite treatment cannot be easier than this one. You need to mix the following ingredients together:

  • A half-cup of the raw sugar
  • One cup of the organic coffee grounds
  • A half-cup of the fractionated coconut oil

You should store this scrub in a dry and clean glass jar. Thus, it would stay well for two months. There’s no need to worry because you will be applying this scrub every three days. So, you would soon be making the next batch.

How to Use This Scrub for the Positive Results

Rub. Stand in the bathroom and put half handful of the coffee scrub. Then, rub this all on the cellulite-stricken area with your fingers. Cover the whole area, then move on to the next step.

Massage. For the intense cellulite-busting, you will need a firm and vigorous massage. Use your knuckles and start kneading up and down the cellulite in long stroking motions. You need to do it for five minutes.

Wrap. Get a good cling wrap. Now, wrap up legs or thighs or the part where you have the cellulite. Leave this wrap on for fifteen minutes.

Wash. Rinse with the lukewarm water, or you can even have a shower. But, make sure you don’t use soap afterward.

Coffee Scrub Works Well for the Cellulite

Contents of a coffee scrub are just designed for the removal of cellulite. The individual benefits and the ingredients to be used are as follows:

coffee_grounds_and_coffee_beansCoffee Grounds: Coffee grounds are enriched with caffeine. They actually stimulate your blood flow towards the surface of your skin. Also rich in the antioxidants that make your skin smooth, supple, and youthful-looking. Caffeine assists in tightening the skin that makes it looking perky. Thus, decreasing the appearance of the cellulite. The coffee grounds are exfoliants that slough off the dead skin and reveal brighter skin.


coconut_oilCoconut Oil: This oil is nutritious and even healing. It works wonders for any kind of ailment that includes the cellulite too. Coconut oil is quite anti-inflammatory that helps to decrease the swelling and puffiness. Also, it helps any kind of inflammation on your skin that is causing the cellulite to look prominent. This helps in preventing the fine lines, wrinkles, and premature aging on your skin. The coconut oil is also a good ingredient to get rid of the blemishes, scars, and stretch marks, yet few people know it.

bowl_of_raw_sugarRaw Sugar: It is also used for exfoliating. The raw sugar crystals act like small massage beads that rub against your skin during the scrubbing. They stimulate the cellulite under your skin to perk up and then smoothen it out. Raw sugar also assists in breaking down the scar tissues and fades the scars.

Studies on the Cellulite and Caffeine

There were some studies conducted on both humans and animals to see the effects of caffeine on the cellulite.

The most promising study was published in the year 2007. It was done by a Brazilian research group. This group revealed that by applying a seven percent caffeine gel decreased the size of ladies’ thighs in a large sample study. It looks like good news for the coffee scrub.

They actually used a large amount of caffeine. In the research, about 15 mL of seven percent caffeine gel had been applied to a thigh two times a day. If you take the espresso that has 50 mg – every 30 ml, then this will convert into 20.6 espressos for each thigh that is 618 ml of the espressos.

When you prefer for the coffee grounds that are already used after brewing, it’s estimated that these have 0.81 percent caffeine. To have the same amount of caffeine, you will need 2.1 kg or 4.6 lbs. of the coffee grounds per thigh, two times a day. That is assuming all caffeine comes out and all coffee grounds touch the skin.

The circumference of the women’s thighs reduced by 2.1 cm. Although for some researchers, it sounds too good to be true.

This research also looked at alterations in the microcirculation that is due to the treatment of caffeine but did not find any.

Other studies

A 2015 research (open access) revealed 3.5 percent caffeine that contains cream had diminished cellulite. The cream contained some other active ingredients so they were not able to control the research. It only involved fifteen people.

In 2008, the research examined the effect of 5 percent caffeine gel with and without the ultrasound (1 minute/cm2). The researchers revealed that 5 percent of caffeine gel decreased the thickness of the fat layer and the fat cells while combined with the ultrasound.

A 2011 study did a randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled trial. The skin texture, hip, buttock, waist, and abdomen measurements actually improved a lot. But, the product used had four active ingredients. Along with caffeine, forskolin was also present that was quite active. Even more active than caffeine.

Bottom Line

Coffee scrub for cellulite is a good treatment, though some people take this with a pinch of salt. Many studies have also revealed that coffee scrubs do help in decreasing cellulite. And so you can definitely give it a try!

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