Try Out These 6 Things If You’re Suffering From Hair Loss

Last Updated on February 25, 2022 by Janie Wilson

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a  major issue for both men and women all over the world, with around 100 million people having to deal with this distressing condition.

While it can be caused by a whole range of different factors, including heredity or stress, there are things that you can do to help reduce hair loss and even encourage new hair growth. Here are six easy-to-follow tips you can try today to reduce or even completely stop your hair loss and start regrowing those luscious locks.

Use A DHT Blocker

Another great option that you should consider trying out for hair loss is a DHT blocker. This stops the hormone dihydrotestosterone from being produced which then has a positive impact on your hair follicles. The result is healthier-looking locks that are less likely to fall out no matter what you do with them. Finasteride is one of the most popular treatments for this problem, which now comes in a topical form too, of which you can read more here, making it great for spot treating any thinning or patchy areas. It’s also worth pointing out that while some studies have suggested that DHT blockers do not work, there is plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise. The good news is that this treatment is usually very cheap anyway if you buy it online and can often deliver results within just a few months of regular use.

Make A Healthy Lifestyle Change

When it comes to hair loss, a healthy lifestyle is a necessity if you want to increase your chances of growing your hair back. Being more proactive about the food that you eat, will have a positive impact on your general well-being, which means that you are more likely to have a good head of hair. Nutritious foods are full of everything you need to encourage new growth so try to increase your intake of green vegetables, oily fish, and seeds. You should also try adding brazil nuts, peanuts, flaxseeds, to your diet. This will help the blood flow which in turn will increase hair growth.

Avoid Stress At All Costs

Stress is a major hair loss trigger for many different reasons, but one of the biggest involves an increase of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol causes the hair follicles to shrink, which means that you will have more hair falling out than growing back. If you are having problems with stress at work or in your personal life, it is important to find ways to keep things under control so that this won’t be an issue for you any longer. Meditation is one great option for dealing with and reducing stress and can be done in just a few minutes a day.

Take Certain Vitamins And Minerals Supplements

While it is always best to try and get your vitamins and minerals through your daily diet if that is not possible you should see if any supplements will help reduce hair loss. The most important supplements for encouraging hair growth are silica, saw palmetto, and omega 3 fatty acids due to their ability to nourish the scalp and ensure that hair follicles remain healthy. Vitamin E can also be taken in supplement form which helps the scalp from becoming too dry. Zinc is another key mineral that can have a positive effect on your hair as well as magnesium, so look for these ingredients whenever you’re picking up something new from the store.

Manage Your Hair Care Routine

When you are caring for your hair, it’s important to remember that not all hair care products are suitable for everyone. This means avoiding anything that will cause extra stress on the scalp or strip your hair of its natural oils too much. You should also try to avoid combing your hair when it is wet as this can lead to breakages and broken hairs. Instead, start using a wide-tooth comb with smooth teeth, which you should use gently to help prevent breakages. If you want longer hair then consider investing in some silk headscarves which you can tie up at night so that they don’t damage your strands during sleep. It’s also essential you wash your hair regularly, but only when it is needed.

Limit Chemical Treatments

Hair loss can often be caused by chemical treatments too, including bleach and dye. If you want to avoid hair thinning then you should start cutting down on chemical processing or even avoiding it altogether if you can. You may not know this, but wash-out dyes are the worst thing that you can do for your strands because they strip your hair of its natural oils too much. Go for semi-permanent instead if you want to dye your locks while using a gentle shampoo that won’t strip your strands of their essential oils. Consider switching up your look with some of our top tips for different haircuts for thinning hair.

Beautiful Hair

As you can see, there are many different solutions that you can turn to if your hair loss is causing you distress. It’s important, however, to remember that not everything works for everyone because there are so many factors that could be contributing to the problem in the first place. Therefore, it’s essential that you experiment with what does work for you and then stick with this routine even if things do not go as planned initially.


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