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Microsoft is highly reputable in the IT world and is known for its continuous innovations and advancements. Earning a certification from this company is one of the best ways to bolster your career to the next level. Author: Finley A. It credentials serve as a measure of the candidate’s professionalism and ability to handle technical tasks.

When considering becoming an Azure solution architect, you must pass the Microsoft AZ-304 exam. This test evaluates your knowledge of a wide range of areas, including storage, network, compute, and security. Considering the detailed nature of the exam, you need to master how you plan on preparing for it.

Vital details of Microsoft AZ-304 exam

Before you can consider taking theAZ-304 test, make sure that you have advanced experience and knowledge pertaining to different IT operations, such as virtualization, budgeting, networking, business continuity, data platform, disaster recovery, and governance. Furthermore, Author: David G an individual should have expert knowledge in Azure administration as well as experience regarding DevOps and Azure development processes. Please note that Microsoft AZ-304 measures the following skills:

  • Designing identity and security;
  • Designing business continuity;
  • Designing infrastructure;
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  • Designing data storage;
  • Designing monitoring.

You can take this exam in English only. It has about 60 questions that you need to deal with within the allocated time, which is 150 minutes. The applicants should pay $165 to take the test if they are from the United States. The amount you have to pay may differ due to your different geographic location.

Effective preparation options for Microsoft AZ-304 exam

To pass this certification test with flying colours, you should use various learning paths. There is a wide range of different prep options  that are available for the learners, and we will explore those that can be used by any candidate. So, Clara P let’s look at what you can do to getthe credential.

  • Official exam webpage

You are highly encouraged to start preparing for this exam by first visiting the official website. Microsoft has individual pages for each of its tests where you can get a lot of valuable information and know about available training options. Make sure you visit the webpage for the AZ-304 exam. On the mentioned site, you will find important details, such as fee, experience required, and whether the test is set to be retired or not. The information obtained there helps you start preparing from a solid foundation.

  • Preferred training option

Having acquired the information that you were looking for from the main webpage, the next part of the certification process is training. Microsoft provides two options that you can choose from: instructor-led ExamSnap MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Exam Dumps and onlinetraining courses.With the instructor-led approach, you will be connected to a trainer who takes you stepwise through all that you need to know regarding the exam. There is a fee that is charged for this type of learning. As for the online option,it is free and self-paced.

  • Practice tests and exam dumps

Understanding the exam questions is critical in bolstering your confidence to ace Microsoft AZ-304. Using practice tests and exam dumps gives you an idea of what to expect. The questions in dumps are an exact copy of what has been asked before. Going through them ensures you know what to look forward to. Spoto Club Summer Sale 99% >>> Practice tests, on the other side, help you get confidence by feeling the vibe of the real testing process.

  • Online communities

Do not forget to check outthe Microsoft online communities for exchanging ideas with the peers and looking for more networking opportunities. Through these online forums, you will be able to interact with a wide range of experts, which will help you in your endeavour.


Frankly speaking, you have limitless preparation options for the Microsoft AZ-304 exam. Thus, you can take the advantage of various options available. More importantly, don’t forget to have a look at practice tests and exam dumps to know the format and structure. They will surely help you a lot.

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