How to reduce pore size to make your face more attractive?

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Most of the girls are often worried about the pores on their face because they don’t know how to reduce pore size. These big and large pores are very irritating and upsetting. But, we will share our tips on how to reduce pore size to look more fresh and attractive. Let’s find how to reduce pore size?

The pores on your face make you look very dull and rough. Pore size is different in everyone and it is genetic as well. Anyhow one should not get upset on this as it is possible to reduce the pore size and appearance. There are many causes of pore sizes like bad health, poor diet, and low-quality cosmetics as well. These pores become more prominent if we don’t care about our skin properly.

Reduce pore size

Here are some simple homemade tips to make these pure small and invisible.

Cleansing and steaming of skin

This is the basic step of reducing the pores. You need to cleanse your skin daily. It helps in removing the dead cells in the skin. But, steaming helps to open the pores to clean the dirt in it.

Cleansing and steaming


After steaming, moisturize the skin with a light moisturizer to make it fresh and younger. It helps in reducing the pores as well.


This is also a very important step to make your pores invisible. You have to do this with a clean cloth on a daily basis.


Baking Soda

Baking soda has magical benefits to close these pores. Mix the baking soda with water and apply on the nose it will help in closing your pores.


Ice also has magical benefits to shrink the pores. Before and after makeup it helps to shrink the pores.

How to reduce pore size


Oatmeal and honey

The oatmeal mask with honey is one of the best treatments for these big pores on the face.

Apple Vinegar

This is an effective and quick treatment for closing large holes and pores on the face.

Applying Apple Vinegar


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