How Should One Dress For a Games Night?

Last Updated on July 31, 2023 by Janie Wilson

Games nightYour clothes can say a lot about you, and in some situations the right style can mean the difference between winning and losing. After all, people are prone to making psychological inferences based on clothing, which is why many use style as a way to convey their confidence, trustworthiness, or even intelligence. By wearing the right clothes for the occasion, you can make a favorable impression, and sometimes even gain the upper hand when necessary.

Outfits definitely hold a certain power, which is why people plan their clothes for specific occasions. Take casino game nights for example. Since casinos offer different games, serious players dress up depending on their chosen game and the players that they’re going up against. So if you want a winning outfit, here’s some tips for the perfect casino game night outfit:

Smart Casual Attire for Strategic Game Nights

Serious poker players have years of experience behind them, so will use several strategies to win — including their clothing. Many top poker players keep it simple with their smart casual attire. However, several also include key accessories that can add something a little extra to their game.

Maria Konnikova, the mentee of top poker player Erik Seidel, recounts that her mentor owns a signature baseball cap that he wears to each game. This baseball cap reflects much of Seidel’s personality, because he prefers not to get any attention from the media and especially his opponents. By using a subtle accessory like this, Seidel draws away attention so that he can make the deliberate, precise plays that have won him his World Series of Poker bracelets and World Poker Tour titles.

Likewise, one of the ten best poker players of all time, Doyle Brunson, is always seen with a cream cowboy hat, which he uses to conceal his expressions during tournament play. It seems that the cowboy hat is pretty successful in hiding his emotions, given that Doyle is one of only four players to ever win ten World Series of Poker bracelets. So even if your outfit is simple and subtle, opt for accessories like hats or even sunglasses that can help you gain the upper hand in games.

Classy Outfits for High-Stakes Game Nights

If you’re focusing on higher stakes, you need to dress to impress. These players are often out there to win big, which is why their outfits are reflective of their hefty bankrolls.

High-roller venues are usually festooned with glamorous fixtures and carpeted floors, so guests are expected to wear semi-formal or even formal attire while they play. Men seem more authoritative and skilled when they are wearing suits, while women can convey their interest and dedication to the game through elegant evening wear. By following the casino dress codes, your opponents will think that you are a regular patron who means serious business.

if you’re joining a high-stakes game in one of Las Vegas’s most prestigious casinos, there is a good chance that you will find yourself next to well-dressed top actors with millions in net worth. This includes Matt Damon who has acted in movies that focused on poker, such as Rounders and Ocean’s 11, and played blackjack on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The well-dressed actor has even participated in World Series of Poker main events, with an expensive watch donning his wrist.

Your outfit can increase your chances of winning, especially during casino game nights. By wearing the right style for the occasion, you can keep your cards close to your chest, and boost your confidence at the casino tables at the same time.

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