Find the stunning ideas about the lavender hair in 2024

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Do you want some change in fall 2020, then why don’t you try this lavender hair? Lavender hair color has become very popular with girls due to its magical look through a lavender hair dye. Thinking of a lavender hair takes us to the magical and mysterious world. Thus, this lavender hair dye is not only stylish but also versatile.

Lavender hair color

Lavender hair color has become viral as most of the celebrities. From Helen Mirren to Katy Perry are rocking their lavender hair. You can see this color everywhere from red carpets to music and award shows. It is not only making your hair purple but now it has come with the combination of different shades. It’s up to you to make a full lavender color or do a combination with highlights or streaking. Lavender hair color could make you a nightmare. Hence, could make you a celebrity of your surroundings as well. This is not only a style but, it is the beginning of new styles, shades and different hair care.

Lavender oil for hair

Lavender oil for hair
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Lavender oil is one of the best oil for hair health. It’s extracted from the Lavandula angustifolia flowers. It smells is very sweet and soothing. This is the best hair oil for all types of hair and it promotes hair growth.

Lavender hair color ideas

Here are some amazing lavender hair looks for girls.

1. Silver lavender hair

Silver lavender hair
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Lavender and Silver hair colors create a magical look like a tropical ocean. You can do it with highlights or streaking as well.

2. Lavender with grey

Lavender with grey
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Here are a lot of lavender hair color ideas but the lavender with grey gives a charming look. It makes you a stylish sober.

3. Smokey Lavender

The Smokey lavender is an amazing idea for girls that gives them a bright look.

4. Lavender with Ombre

Creating your hair lavender with the Ombre is the best idea for those who don’t like the full lavender shade. The Lavender Ombre gives you a celebrity and a younger look.

5. Updos with Lavender

Lavender updos give a chance to show the different shades of lavender through the updos. These updos will also help to show all the highlights of your hair. It is a fab idea for girls for wedding parties.

6. Icing Lavender

Using the lavender color with pink and pastel gives an ice look. The shades give a bold and unique look like a hand painting. It will make you look very mesmerizing and stunning.

7. Dusty Lavender

This dusty lavender is on very much on trend for right now. This is helpful to get rid of weak hair at the ends. Give a new life to your hair with this dusty hairstyle. Try bold and bright shades.

8. Lavender bob style

Short bob hair in lavender color looks amazing. Thus, makes you pretty and stylish in a daily routine without much effort.

9. Lavender Roots

If you don’t like the lavender bright colors on all hairs. Then have it on the roots instead. It will give you a sober and inspiring look. Try these Lavender hair looks this fall season to look different and stylish in 2020.

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