Do Portable Saunas Really Work?

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Let me come straight to the point without beating about the bush. The answer is an emphatic “yes”. Portable infrared saunas definitely work. They work exactly the same as a normal-sized infrared sauna, and the benefits are almost the same, if not more.

 I have been using my portable sauna daily for the past few months and today I am going to share the health benefits of using a portable sauna with you. I will also inform you about the science that works behind the portable saunas.

Do Portable Saunas Really Work ?


Nowadays, it is impossible to leave home with great stress and come back with a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Just the amount of household work will make you want to crawl to the nearest spa for some relaxation, but you usually remain too busy with housework to entertain such thoughts of going out to a spa not to mention the cost involved in it.

When I discovered the positive effects of the sauna in the local gym on my body, I looked for ways to recreate the same experience in my own home.

This is when I thought of buying my portable sauna. You can check out the best portable sauna reviews.

Portable sauna results after using it for 6 months

I discovered the benefits of the sauna last year when I started using it several times a week at the local gym and I was really hooked onto it.

I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after the sauna that I decided to buy a portable sauna for my home.

I must tell you that this is one of the best investments I have ever made for my health benefits.  I had no idea it was possible to see so much improvement in such a short time.

I have been using my portable sauna every day for the last 6 months.  I don’t even remember all the benefits because there are legion, but I would like to share almost all the benefits I remember.

Health Benefits of a Portable Sauna

This sauna has given me such a positive feeling throughout the winter.  I usually have a feeling of depression throughout the chilly winter and didn’t have it last year.  I felt so recharged and refreshed all the time!

I slept much better.  After suffering from insomnia all through my life, I could not believe the transformation I had gone through.

I immediately recovered from the signs of a cold and lung congestion, so I never had cough and cold, or bouts of sneezing or even flu or indigestion all over winter.

I felt spoiled and liked to have “my time” every night so that I could read a book or watch a movie.  It’s good to have a certain amount of time where you can’t be bothered by anything.

I felt so warm, relaxed and comfortable.  I am not very fond of cold, so I really wanted to go to the sauna at the end of the day to warm up before taking a nice bath prior to hitting the sack.

I was bubbling with a newfound energy and honestly felt like a new person.

Weight loss results in the portable sauna

Do portable saunas really work? Surely, without doubt. While my husband lost 15 kilos of fat and gained 10 kilos of muscle.

I lost almost 20 pounds of fat in six months of daily use of my portable sauna.  My whole body was toned and for the first time I could see the muscles for which I had worked so hard for in the gym.

I didn’t have much weight to lose, just a few pounds of stubborn belly fat, which are always the most difficult to get rid of.

Advantages of the portable sauna

My muscular pains diminished quickly after I went to the gym, which allowed me to exercise even more often because I had recovered very quickly.

The sauna helped improve my physical condition.  At that time, I was able to accumulate a lot of muscle mass in the gym and increase the weight I could lift week after week. In fact, every time I went to the gym, I got stronger.

Features of the portable sauna

Do portable saunas really work? Yes, indeed. I never felt better. Now I always feel happy, healthy and recharged with oodles of energy.

I love the portable sauna design.  I loved the fact that I could easily open and close the zippers inside, which allowed me to easily reach the objects when I was taking a sauna.

I also like the timers that enable me to stop the sauna and see how long I was in it.

Portable sauna vs normal sauna

In fact, I’d rather have a portable sauna at home than a sauna in the gym for some good reasons:

After my home sauna, I can immediately use my own bathroom at home.

Your head is not in the portable sauna, which allows you to stay a little longer in the sauna.  Your head still sweats, but it is more refreshing when your head is cooler than the rest of your body. You can even open a window and let a cool breeze blow on your face while the rest of your body is sweating away all the toxins.

I can use my portable sauna daily, but I wouldn’t go to the gym every day to take the sauna.

It doesn’t cost me anything to use my sauna every day, apart from the electricity costs, which of course are not expensive at all.

You really can’t believe the difference it has made in my life. I am so glad to have this product at home!

I am so passionate about the infrared sauna because it has literally changed my life.

I am sure you have many questions about portable saunas, how they work and the science behind them, so I will answer many of these questions in the rest of this article.

What is a portable sauna?

A portable sauna is a body-heating fabric cabin that uses infrared technology. By its name, this type of sauna is portable, which means that it can be placed virtually anywhere in the house. It usually has a built-in chair, zipper, heat regulator and holes on and around the sides so you can put your head and arms outside while the rest of your body heats up.

How to use a portable sauna

If you want to use a portable sauna, you will have to start by installing the unit. Since most models are foldable, the portable sauna should be unfolded and the foot and chair placed in the cabin. After connecting the unit to the power supply, you can preheat the sauna for 5 minutes or enter the sauna immediately when it is heated. Sit on the chair and close the zipper from the inside. Stick your head and arms out through the holes provided for reading, using your cell phone or just relaxing.

Watch the following video showing how to use a portable sauna at home

7 benefits of a portable sauna

1) Portable saunas help you lose weight

It is not only the weight of water in the form of sweat, but also the actual body weight in the form of fat is lost.

Infrared light warms the body from the inside, which raises the core temperature and increases the heart rate. This in turn will make your body work twice as hard to stay cool.

As a result, your body will burn calories quickly to produce the fuel it needs to function. Weight loss thus becomes a byproduct of this biological process.

2) Portable saunas detoxify the body

Toxins are also responsible for storing unwanted fats, and a portable sauna can help you do this.

When you sweat in the sauna, you also free the body from toxins stored in the fatty tissue.

Not only does it make you look thinner, but it also cleans your bowels.

3) Portable saunas improve mental health

As I mentioned, by taking a sauna throughout the winter, I was able to avoid feelings of sadness and depression, a phenomenon that often occurs in the colder months.

In addition to the stress on the mind and body, frequent visits to the sauna can also reduce anxiety and even age-related psychological problems such as dementia. These effects are well-documented, and you can refer to the studies conducted about the benefits of saunas.

4) Portable saunas relieve muscle pain

Exercise can make your body hurt everywhere, so I recommend you go to the sauna later to experience a healing effect on your sore muscles.

When I used mine for the first time, I felt so rejuvenated that it even inspired me to follow my training schedule the next day.

What is more, even people with rheumatism can benefit from using the portable sauna.

5) Portable saunas improve cardiovascular health

Through heat therapy, which increases heart rate and lowers blood pressure, a regular sauna is great exercise for the heart.

You will be able to avoid the risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life by continual use of the sauna.

6) Portable saunas help relieve sinus congestion

If you are prone to colds, you should use a portable sauna at home to immediate relief from a stuffy nose.

The heat from the infrared light rises to the nostrils, freeing them from mucus and making breathing easier.

7) Portable saunas help fight cellulite

The infrared sauna can recharge the lymphatic system to diminish the appearance of cellulite in the buttocks and thighs.

Is a portable sauna safe?

First of all, an infrared sauna is safe, otherwise gyms and spa centers would not install such a device. As a portable format, an infrared fabric sauna is safe if the duration of exposure to heat remains limited. Infrared saunas have different levels of EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation. It is not advisable to have excesses, such as a high thermal amplitude and high frequency of use.

Until now I have been regularly using my infrared sauna without any negative effects. I never felt dizzy or any kind of discomfort during and after each session.

If you follow the correct formula to use the sauna, you will feel absolutely no negative side-effects on your health.

Studies on infrared saunas

Available studies on infrared saunas have shown how this practice brings incredible health benefits beyond relaxation. These include the following:

One study found that dry heat baths relieved muscle pain after exercise when practiced on 100 participants who squatted for 15 minutes daily for 3 days.

Another study showed an improvement in locomotion and psycho-emotional status in 190 patients with rheumatoid arthritis when exposed to 80 degrees Celsius heat in a sauna. That is, in addition to the reduction of chronic pain they felt.

The researchers found a direct link between passive heating (also known as sauna bath) and improved metabolism in 14 overweight men exposed to heat conditions.

Researchers at the University of Eastern Finland found that 49% of middle-aged participants who used the sauna only once a week had died before than the 38% who went to the sauna twice or thrice a week.

Another Finnish study concluded that men who went to the sauna 4 to 7 times a week were 66% less likely to develop dementia in the next 20 years.

It was found that 18 out of 20 patients suffering from cellulite had a significant improvement in the appearance of their skin after a series of sessions that combined infrared light, radiofrequency and massage.

A study of a Finnish sauna showed that 10 healthy men lost noticeable amount of body weight after sauna sessions twice a day for one week.

Here is a brief summary of some important points that we have discussed here.

Top advantages of a portable sauna

  • Portable saunas help you lose weight
  • Portable saunas detoxify the body
  • Portable saunas enhance physical and mental health
  • Portable saunas relieve muscle pain
  • Portable saunas improve cardiovascular health
  • Portable saunas help relieve sinuses
  • Portable saunas help fight cellulite

Wrapping up

Portable saunas offer a lot in terms of benefits, comfort and safety. They offer you flexibility of time and enable you to make proper use of your time and enjoy quality time in these portable sauna cabins.

So, do portable saunas really work? I have already given you my verdict and now it is up to you to decide if you want to invest in such an impressive device for overall improvement of health and well-being. My advice: get one as soon as possible and thank me later!



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