Best Collagen Supplement For Sagging Skin

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Best Collagen Supplement For Sagging Skin Reviews 2024

Best Collagen for Sagging Skin

You are perhaps very worried about your sagging and lusterless skin —the signs of aging that most women love to hate. And why not? If you have a dull skin, you feel old, jaded and depressed because you will surely fail to attract the attention of the guys around you and for a woman that is truly distressing. And the same goes with the male folk as well since no person, irrespective of the gender, likes to grow old. So, if you want to have a rejuvenated skin and hence looking for the best collagen supplement for sagging skin available on the market today, you should go nowhere. For, in this longish article I am going to write a detailed review about the top collagen supplements on the market today which will help you to get a youthful, glowing skin.

To begin with, collagen is a protein that maintains the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. As you age, your body produces less of this important component. One way to combat this decline is to use skin care products which are full of ingredients that facilitate collagen production, such as retinol, vitamin C and glycolic acid.

But what kind of collagen supplements should you buy? There are many collagen-boosting supplements on the market today, ranging from powders to pills that promise to tighten sagging skin. But not all supplements are created equal. Knowing the differences between the different types of collagen will help you choose the best supplement for sagging skin.

Before buying a supplement, you should have a proper knowledge about  the types of collagen your body makes, the pros and cons of taking collagen supplements, and other ways to boost collagen synthesis for a healthier, firmer complexion.

Types of collagen in the human body

Collagen is the protein most commonly found in the human body. In fact, our body is capable of producing 28 types of collagen. Most supplements on the market focus on these types of collagen:

t 90% of the collagen in the body and is found in skin, tendons, ligaments as well as bones.

Type II collagen: develops healthy joints by building cartilage.

Type III collagen: Supports muscles, organs and arteries and is also found in smaller amounts in skin and bones.

Type IV collagen: a major component of the basal membrane, which is located between the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and the dermis (middle layer of the skin).

Different types of collagen supplements

A knowledge of which type of collagen supplement is necessary to help your skin is half the process. You can take collagen in one of the following ways:

Collagen powder: made from hydrolyzed collagen that has been broken down into amino acids (collagen peptides) so that it can be more easily absorbed by the body. You can add collagen powder to your drinks or recipes and enjoy it without any problem.

Collagen pills: collagen supplements can be taken in the form of tablets or gel capsules containing collagen powder.

Collagen gummies: these chewable supplements almost looks and taste like candy.

Liquid collagen: this is a premixed drink that already has hydrolyzed collagen in it.

Collagen protein bars: these supplements are meant to be taken after exercise for joint support. They are not specifically designed to improve skin health.

Pros and cons of collagen supplements

Regular consumption of collagen supplements can be beneficial for the skin and other parts of the body. However, you should also be aware of the possible side effects, disadvantages and limitations.

Benefits of collagen supplements

  1. Easy to use

Hydrolyzed collagen allows your body to absorb what is called a supermolecule. A standard collagen molecule is so large that it cannot penetrate the skin, nor can it be easily broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream.

Collagen supplements are generally quite easy to take because they come in many different forms. For example, you can take your supplement the old-fashioned way by swallowing a pill. But you can also mix collagen peptides into your smoothie or fruit juice and enjoy your drink.

  1. Effectiveness over time

A 2019 review of 11 different studies have revealed that oral collagen supplementation can reduce skin aging and promote healing of wounds. However, do not rely on these supplements to provide immediate results. Individual time frames vary widely, but you may notice a gradual change in your skin tone after a daily use of the supplement for minimum three months.

  1. Can be mixed with other essential ingredients

Many collagen supplements – in pill, powder or gummy form – also consist of vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production in the body. This allows you to replenish lost collagen while at the same time stimulating your body’s natural collagen synthesis. Other blends contain collagen with hyaluronic acid, which hydrates the skin.

Disadvantages of collagen supplements

  1. Additional research is necessary

The collagen contained in supplements is generally of animal origin. These include bovine collagen (from cows), porcupine collagen (from pigs) and also marine collagen (from fish). While there are studies on the effectiveness of using collagen from other sources, there is still much research to be done on the benefits of animal collagen for human health.

In addition, collagen supplements – especially bovine collagen-based powders – may not come from high-quality animal parts. Look for formulas where the collagen comes from grass-fed cows, which reduces the risk of unnecessary consumption of  antibiotics or hormones.

  1. Collagen doesn’t go where you want it to go

When you take a collagen supplement, your body ultimately decides where and how those amino acids are reassembled, regardless of the type of collagen. Keep in mind that type I collagen is not only found in the skin, but also in bone and connective tissue. Your body may decide to send these building blocks to strengthen your tendons instead of smoothing out the wrinkles around your eyes.

  1. Possibly restrictive due to diet or allergies.

Many collagen products on the market are derived from animals, making them unsuitable for vegans. People with fish or shellfish allergies should be careful not to consume collagen from the sea.

To combat these problems, plant-based collagen supplements are becoming more common. They typically contain elastin and biotin, which are most suitable for maintaining healthy hair and skin.

How to preserve and strengthen collagen naturally

Daily supplementation is not the only way to boost the production of collagen. Here are the best ways to naturally increase collagen synthesis while preserving what you already have.

  1. Watch your diet

What you eat can affect your body’s ability to produce collagen. For example, foods high in sugar can lead to glycation, which limits collagen production, leading to sagging skin and other health problems.

At the same time, add more collagen-promoting nutrients to your diet, such as:

Vitamin C: This antioxidant is a key player in collagen synthesis and is found in oranges and berries.

Sulfur: This trace mineral is essential for collagen production and cab be found found in asparagus, broccoli and eggs.

Zinc: Another mineral necessary for collagen synthesis. It is found in oysters, lobster and chickpeas.

Lycopene: An antioxidant that protects the skin and stimulates collagen. It is found in tomatoes, peppers and beets.

You may wonder about the efficacy of bone broth, which is said to be a rich source of collagen and other important nutrients. However, contrary to popular belief, one has not been able to find any scientific evidence that bone broth alone can smooth skin, relieve joint pain, help you lose weight or strengthen your immune system. However, you can make bone broth more nourishing by adding nutrient-rich vegetables and legumes.

  1. Protect yourself from the sun

UV rays can expedite the aging process by damaging existing collagen and promoting the growth of abnormal elastin fibers, resulting in wrinkled, sagging skin. Reduce the risk of sun damage by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen, a wide hat and sunglasses that have UV lenses.

Also limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible. Try not to go outside during peak sunlight hours.

  1. Scrub your skin

A recent study done in the Tokyo Institute of Technology discovered that a 10-minute facial massage with a roller can increase blood flow and dilate blood vessels. This creates an optimal environment for collagen formation. Not to mention that regular facial massages with a vibrating device and a firming cream can also help firm the skin.

  1. Don’t smoke

Another study published in the Journal of Dermatological Medicine has shown that tobacco smoke extract inhibits collagen production and also destroys existing collagen and elastin fibers. This results in wrinkles and fine lines, especially around the lips. If you smoke or vape, you should quit it immediately or consult a medical expert so that you can do it effectively within a short time.

The best way to use collagen for firm, healthy skin

Supplements are an easy way to boost your collagen intake. However, more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of animal collagen in the human body. Also don’t forget that your body may distribute collagen to other parts of your body and not to your skin – which is not necessarily a disadvantage, as your bones, tissues and organs will receive the health benefits. But if your primary goal is to improve your skin, it may not produce the results you’re looking for.

The best collagen supplements for firming sagging skin don’t just contain collagen – they also promote collagen synthesis. If you want to use a daily supplement, choose one that contains collagen boosters like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. That way, not only are you adding external collagen, which will make your skin smoother, but you’re also stimulating the body’s natural collagen production system.

However, supplements are not the only way to boost collagen levels. A diet rich in collagen-boosting foods is not only good for your skin, but also for your overall health and physical well-being. At the same time, regular skin massage can tighten loose skin and increase blood flow, making it easier for the body to produce more collagen.

By adopting good habits, such as less sun exposure and not smoking cigarettes, you can preserve existing collagen and slow down the signs of ageing. These lifestyle choices can be combined with an effective anti-aging skincare routine.

Remember to consult a healthcare professional or dermatologist before starting any new supplements, diet or skincare routine.

The top 5 best collagen supplements to prevent sagging skin

If you’re getting a beauty treatment for your wedding, you’ve probably heard about collagen supplements and the great publicity about them. But what is collagen and what does it do exactly? Simply put, collagen is the main structural protein in connective tissues like bone, skin, cartilage and tendons. Its explosive growth on the market is due to the assumption that consuming it from external sources can support and optimize our health and meet the physiological needs arising from ageing and exercise.

As collagen makes up 80% of our skin, collagen supplements are considered to improve and maintain skin health as well as joints, gastrointestinal tract and bones. This means that in addition to giving you a glowing skin, a collagen supplement can also help you feel great for the big day.

1. Best budget: Verison Collagen Bioactives(Natural collagen powder) Peptides

Collagen supports skin elasticity and structure. As collagen levels naturally decrease, the skin’s tendency to wrinkle increases. Collagen types I and III are the main forms of collagen in the skin, and studies have revealed that collagen consumption can have a real positive effect on skin hydration, elasticity and volume.

Besha, a German-made product, is rated as one of the best products for skin by Consumer Labs Research. The collagen in Besha is VERISOL, a form of bioactive collagen peptide that has been used in studies on the effect of collagen on skin elasticity. It should be noted that VERISOL is derived from pigs, so if you have dietary restrictions, you can choose collagen from fish or cows.

2. Best for hair growth: Nutrafol hair growth supplement for women

Research on the role of collagen in hair growth and repair is minimal. However, one study has shown that taking collagen supplements for 6 months has slightly increased hair thickness.

Nutrafol contains a powerful blend of hair care ingredients called Synergen Complex . This is a proprietary blend of clinically effective ingredients formulated with unique ratios that have been shown to improve hair growth and quality.

Some of these nutrients contain marine collagen, biotin, keratin, zinc, and vitamin A, inter alia. The supplement is a hot favorite of many and consumers can get a one-time 120-capsule supply or monthly subscription, which will save you a lot of money.

3. Best Product from the Sea: Further Food Premium Marine Collagen Peptides

Further Food’s marine collagen is manufactured from the skin of wild North Atlantic cod. Further Food does not use harsh enzymes or heat to extract the collagen in order to keep all the beneficial properties intact. The company’s marine collagen peptides are manufactured in an NSF cGMP certified facility, and their product is compatible with paleo and keto diets.

As an added bonus, customers can feel good about the packaging, as the collagen is packaged in 100% recycled jars. So, the question that one is tempted to ask: does it taste like fish? The answer is a resounding no!

4. Best Plant-Based: Sprout Living Epic Protein Pro Collagen, Organic Plant Protein

Customers should be quite wary of products marketed as vegan collagen! As we’ve seen, collagen is the main structural protein in various connective tissues – a protein found in the bodies of most animals and humans. Tissues such as muscle, skin, tendons, and ligaments are the primary sites of collagen production, and plants do not have these tissues, making plant collagen virtually impossible. However, it is possible to supplement the body’s natural ability to produce collagen by using a plant-based product rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Sprout Livings Pro Collagen Protein Powder does just that. It provides the body with 15 grams of protein as well as powerful collagen-boosting nutrients from organic ingredients such as rosehip, berries, pomegranate, coconut milk and sea buckthorn.

5. Best for joint pain: Healthy Origins UC-II with undenatured type II collagen

Consumer Labs Research, an independent private company that reviews a lot of nutritional productsests nutritional products, ranks Healthy Origins UC-II collagen as the best for joint pain – and we do agree with that. UC-II contains a proprietary form of intact type II collagen that has been studied multiple times for its effectiveness in giving relief from joint pain.

An article published in the journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, discussed a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study – also known as the gold standard of research tested the use of UC-II in people with knee pain during exercise. After 120 days, the subjects, who were provided collagen supplements in the UC-II group, showed a significant improvement in average knee extension compared to those who were given placebo. So, if you have mobility or flexibility issues, this is obviously an excellent supplement.

FAQs: Best Collagen Supplements For Sagging Skin?

Are there vegan alternatives available?

Most products use collagen from bovine (cows) or marine (fish) sources. Some use collagen from other animal sources, but collagen is by definition a protein found in humans and animals. There are vegan alternatives, but they are only good protein powders and do not contain collagen at all.

What about the flavor?

This is a matter of personal preference. Unflavored options are easy to mix into everyday drinks and even foods, while if you want to transform your daily collagen into a special treat, you can choose a product with added flavor.

Should I say no to sugar?

The last thing you want is for a collagen supplement to have a lot of added sugar. So check the ingredient labels to see how much there is  in the product, especially if it is flavored.

What are the benefits of collagen supplements?

Collagen can help you not only improve your appearance – it can also contribute to glowing skin, strong hair and nails, along with the improvement in  joint and bone health.

Do collagen supplements work?

There have been some scientific studies conducted on the benefits of oral collagen, but most, if not all, are inconclusive, so it’s important to take these results with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, there is plenty of indirect evidence of their benefits where people have talked about it. Experts generally agree that there is no harm in trying them, as they are, after all, a good source of protein.

Are there any side effects to collagen supplements?

In general, there has been no known side-effects so far as collagen supplements are concerned, although it should be mentioned that people with allergies or certain restrictions may experience some side effects.

Wrapping up

Taking a collagen supplement can really be an effective way to help support better skin. There are plenty of options available, which consist of  a range of dosages and variety of ingredients.

While picking the supplement that’s best suited for you, you should consider the type of supplement, additional ingredients, dosage, and also whether it has undergone third-party testing for better results.

Finally, to be on the safer side, as with any supplement, you can talk to a medical expert before adding collagen to your diet, especially if you have any underlying health conditions. Stay young, stay safe.




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