A Stylish Future is about Fashion, Function, and Flexibility

Last Updated on August 1, 2023 by Janie Wilson

This year has seen some areas of fashion soar as our lifestyle goes from office to work-from-home, and indoor parties to outdoor hangouts by the firepit.  As the weather across the country continues to warm up, it will be no surprise that our love of all things elegant and stylish yet comfortable will continue to trend.

For Miami based Donna Leah Designs, the past year has been a time of reflection and reinvention.  New collections have taken inspirations from evening wear and have been recreated into comfortable yet casual chic sets.  As the designer sees it, working from home and a focus on wellness and self-care have made us reassess our priorities.  Loungewear has become the new power suit, denim jackets have been embellished for added glamour and extended use, and t-shirts are a favorite item that can be used to support local communities.

NPD coined the phrase “workleisure” which embodies the way that we live now.  Gone are days spent in leggings and gym outfits. We’re embracing luxurious two-piece sets that communicate a sense of power and put-together vibes.  New fabrics that are bold in color and exciting in texture are becoming normal for days spent working from home, schooling from home, and long walks with friends.

Recently, Donna Leah Designs walked the catwalk at the CIFFA USA fashion show.  The theme of the event was “Does Age Really Matter?”  In true form, Donna Leah Designs showcased that it absolutely does not matter.  Style and good taste are timeless.  Having the wisdom and confidence to wear what you love and feel proud about it comes only at a certain time of life.  Again, this directly speaks to a designer’s ability to be fashionable, functional, and embrace a future that only includes, and never excludes.  What you wear should be about an attitude and not a specific style.

When we speak about fashion as the future, it can also mean getting out of a comfort zone.  For Donna Leah, this meant walking the runway at CIFFA USA. It was something that had always been a dream and required a bit of discomfort to be achieved.  Once applause from the crowd erupted, she knew that the best decision had been reached and that her message was resonating with audiences.

The marriage of fashion, function, and flexibility are also achieved with the designer’s recent launch of a hand embellished denim collection.  Donna Leah took her passion for eveningwear, including a love of shine and color and transferred her vision into a line of jackets that are grab-n-go glamour.  Her vision to achieve the must have jacket that’s perfect for every occasion was realized and has been met with excitement.

According to Donna Leah, the future is all about being who you are and expressing yourself through your clothing. That means that we are focused on fashion with function and comfort. Those words are no longer negatives, but a challenge to designers around the world to empower women with clothing that serves multiple purposes and always looks fantastic.

If the future of fashion is ever evolving, what is next for Donna Leah Designs?  The designer has a surprise that is sure to delight, especially for those who love to lounge in luxury by the poolside.  Exactly what’s to come will have to be seen in the weeks to come!

Janie Wilson
Janie Wilson

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