What To Wear After a Spray Tan

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What to wear after a spray tanWhat to wear after a spray tan? This is one question that hovers in the minds of most spray tanners when they make an appointment with a tanning specialist. Are you one of them? Are you currently excited about your spray tanning appointment? That’s nothing unusual. On the contrary, it is absolutely natural that you will have concerns about what to put on when obtaining a spray tan. Experts advocate wearing black, loose outfits, or simply moving nude altogether.

This you can always do. Most individuals, however, tend to avoid exposing a great deal of skin, and consequently, get confused concerning the proper clothes to pick.

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Even though discovering the proper clothes might not be simple, deciding on the incorrect outfits may result in nasty tan lines on certain body parts. If you’re uneasy about spray tanning with no clothing, this article is indeed for you.

The clothes you select determine how successful spray tanning is likely to be. Our post discusses all you ought to know about the dressing table to get a spray tan.

We will instruct you on how you can choose your apparel before the spray tanning session and talk about what to use afterward. Learn more about it!

Why is spray tan clothes essential?

During tanning, you ought to concentrate on relaxation. The ideal clothes can help you stay calm and comfortable during the entire tanning session.

Spray tanning has special prerequisites that you have to follow prior to the session. Because spray tanning can be a challenging task, it cannot go nicely with regular clothes.

Wearing the right garments makes it possible to prevent tan lines and also allows you to attain even tanning. Considering that the tan must cover the whole body, wearing the wrong clothing can block some body parts to gen an even tan.

That’s why the best alternative for a spray tanning session is to go in nude. This helps to ensure that the chemical compounds work on all of body parts with no interference from clothing.

If this is not a fantastic alternative for you, don’t worry not since we’ve got other good alternatives.
What can you wear when obtaining a spray tan?

Before you get all enthused about your appointment, you will have to plan on what to put on while obtaining a spray tan. These are acceptable for the session:

A disposable thong

During a spray tan session, even a few paths of these tanning alternatives may run off your belly to your private parts. When wearing panties, its cloth can quickly absorb the excess tanning solution that starts flowing down.

You should, therefore, not wear your best pair of underwear in front of a spray tanning appointment. Attempt to wear loose panties that you’ll be able to jettison after the tanning session.

In many shops, clients can purchase disposable thongs prior spray tanning. They market these undergarments at sensible rates.

Tanning solutions

Since there isn’t any special garment available for the tanning session, you need to put on a tanning solution prior to going for spray tanning. Employ an accelerator or bronzer an hour prior to the appointment.

Feet sticky Pads

You do not want to blot your toes out of spray tanning, would you? Attempt to acquire toes sticky pads to keep this from happening. They’re also able to keep you protected from infectious diseases.

Tan feet protectors are user-friendly but can be ruined easily. Attempt and find one which may last long enough. You can get one from Amazon, say, for example Maximist. It’s created from Eva foam substance which makes it sturdy and durable.

What to put on after the spray tan?

When you are through with all the tanning process, the best way is to put on some garments that may also impact the overall outcomes. Some people today undergo skin allergies and allergies after spray tanning.

This happens to individuals with sensitive skin forms. The apparel you wear after you session is of equal importance like the one wear during the spray tanning appointment.

Wearing tight and uncomfortable clothing can harm your tan. You ought to, therefore, be aware of what to wear after obtaining a spray tan. Adhere to these recommendations:

Pick loose-fitting clothes

For your tan to work nicely, it must stay on the skin surface for a while. Placing tight clothing after spray tanning may prevent this. Loose garments will not destroy the tanning solution on skin.

We urge purchasing a very long dress which has sleeves. It also needs to be produced from a high-quality substance like cotton to boost relaxation. It makes it possible for you to feel rested after your tanning session.

Dark clothes

Apart from garments being loose, the color of the clothes you select after spray tanning is also an important factor. Tanning solutions have a great deal of substances that may quickly stain your clothing.

This implies that sporting designer outfits after spray tanning isn’t highly recommended. Dark-colored clothing are perfect as they don’t respond fast with all the bronzer and assist you remain hygienic.

Flip flops

If you’re a regular tanner, you must have heard people complaining about their thighs not tanning as quickly as the remainder of the human body parts. This might be a consequence of putting the incorrect footwear after tanning.

During the tanning session, the tanner works hard to assist you attain precisely the identical skin tone through the entire body. Your legs may, hence, tan should you wear flip flops after your session.


Spray tanning for girls could be more successful in contrast to guys as they can wear dresses. Wearing a skirt after having a spray tanning appointment exposes your thighs that will assist you to get an even tan.

When you are wearing a skirt, the exposed legs work wonders for the tan to work . Additionally, it absorbs extra material from creating a stain.


A number of those spray tanners create a foul odor as a result of chemicals inside them. In case you’ve scheduled a consultation during a working day, you can cologne the clothing you would like to wear after the session.

Avoid using body spray or any other spray. A fantastic perfume ought to be sufficient to cover the bad odor of this spray tanner after the tanning session.

It’s possible, therefore, to get back to work without smelling like a malt cookies.

How to extend the longevity of the spray tan

Now that you have completed the spray tan and left for home safely – how can you maintain it as long as you can?

Learn the correct way to shower

For the first shower after your tan, it is always best to use water that is lukewarm rather than overly hot. Steer clear of shower gels which leave residue onto your skin (your first hint is that the item refers to itself as ‘deeply moisturizing’). The residue in the moisturizer can hamper the life span of the tan. Fundamental, organic products are best.

Pat your body dry after shower

After your first couple of showers after your spray tan, instead of rubbing dry just take your towel and then gently pat dry. In this manner, you will not rub any tan and you will be left with a pleasant, even shine.

Moisturizing is vital

From the days and weeks after your tan, it is best to maintain your skin as moist as you can. If you are an avid exercise enthusiast, then after moisturizing softly, dust your system with baby powder. This will prevent the clothes from digging into the tan and inducing any patches.

Wrapping up: what to wear after a spray tan

Spray tan garments play a main part in the maturation of the tan. Selecting the most appropriate garments during and after the semester may stop you from slips.
Before you blame the spray tanner for never operating like a true professional, try to modify your tanning apparel. Don’t forget to wear black and loose clothing for your session. Afterwards, it is possible for you to wear a skirt and flip-flops. Also, don’t forget to use lotion after you’re finished with spray tan. Now relish your session!

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