Scott Harris Glasses: Where Fashion Meets Functionality

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Modern fashion has indeed changed things for the better. Gone are the days when glasses were worn strictly for corrective purposes, with no attention to style and fashion. Currently, the typical eyewear combines both fashion and functionality.

With this progress made in the eyewear industry, you can conveniently correct your vision disorder while adopting a fashion style that suits you best. This is exactly what the Scott Harris collection is all about- NOT sacrificing functionality for fashion and vice versa.

This recent trend in the eyewear market is well appreciated because the truth is, the regular reading glasses and other visual assistant ones make the wearer appear somewhat older. Plus, many wearers don’t even like being seen wearing such corrective glasses.

But now, functionality has finally met fashion. That combo makes it perfect and the Scott Harris collection is home to such glasses.

The Latest Fashion Trends In The Eyewear Industry

The eyewear industry has obviously come a long way and it has mostly been influenced by a number of factors such as pop culture, economic forces and the likes. The latest fashion trends in the eyewear industry include:

Retro-inspired Frames

This is one of the trends in eyewear fashion younger age groups seem to love so much. Vintage frames such as round, square, tortoise-shell, oval and geometric frames are quite the rage.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials are also one of the most popular things in the eyewear industry now. The bulk of the consumer base wants eyewear made from sustainable materials. That’s why glasses made of recyclable plastic and wood are mostly preferred.

Colorful Frames

Colorful frames are also one of the current trends in the eyewear industry and many ladies prefer glasses that feature different, bright colors. So, if you are a lover of colors, you could try colorful spectacles.

Oversized Frames

Who’d have thought glasses with oversized frames will become fashionable in this modern age? Sunglasses are mostly preferred with oversized frames.

Transparent Frames

Transparent frames are also a popular trend. Many still prefer transparent frames to colored ones.

You can find all these latest trends in the Scott Harris glasses collection. It is home to the latest trends in eyewear fashion.


Folks with vision disorders are quite interested in the function of the glasses before purchasing it and here are the regular functionalities in the eyewear market.

The Blue Light Protection

To prevent the visually harmful blue light your phone, laptop, and TV emits, you need blue light eyeglasses. Freelancers, office workers, and many other digital workers need this type of eyewear to preserve their vision.

Magnifying Lenses

Folks that suffer from blurry vision or eye strain need such eyewear. This feature improves near-vision and makes for easy reading.

UV Protection

This is also another needed functionality. Ultraviolet rays could damage the eye. That’s why sunglasses feature a UV coating that shields the eyes from UV rays from the sun.

Scratch Protection

The anti-scratch feature is also another necessary function. By keeping your lenses safe from scratches, your glasses last longer.

Glare Protection

Anti-glare lenses ensure your eyes are protected from bright lights. For regular drivers and those that spend more time outdoors, it’s the perfect eyewear.

These are some of the latest functionalities in the eyewear industry and they are now excellently combined with in-vogue fashion styles. You can find such among Scott Harris glasses.


Many folks love wearing glasses but few understand the importance of maintaining it. Here are some tips on caring for your glasses.

Avoid Using Abrasive Chemicals To Clean Your Glasses

You should know your glasses are sensitive. Thus, you can’t use anything to clean it. Things like bathroom cleaners should NEVER be used as they contain abrasives that could damage the lenses of your glasses.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Wash your hands before picking up your eyeglasses. This ensures your hands are free of any abrasive chemical. Sunscreens and lotions MUST be far away from your glasses. Be sure your hands are clean before using your glasses.

Rinse Your Lenses With Warm, Running Water

Be sure you rinse your lens with warm running water. This ensures any dirt stuck on the lenses are removed without leaving a scratch.

Lens Cloth, Not Your T-shirt Or Paper Towels

Your eyeglasses are quite sensitive and as such, you can’t just use anything to wipe them after rinsing in warm water. It’s best you use a lens cloth as it is specifically designed for cleaning lenses. You could damage your lens by using other materials that wasn’t meant for it. 

Store Them In Hard Cases

Be sure to store them in hard cases to ensure they are kept clean. It’s best you store them in the case they came in as hard cases offer better protection.


Fashion and function are at the forefront of the eyewear industry and you know the best part? It keeps getting better.

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