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North Face is an amazing store that has been around for years.
An American outdoor recreation products company, North Face started with outdoor clothing, footwear, and equipment, however, North Face has evolved into street couture and streetwear.
North Face even became a status symbol in South Korea back in 2010.

While North Face remains to be known for its outdoor clothing and equipment, their equipment is high quality and generally well recommended.
They also carry tents, luggage and duffel bags, daypacks, and accessories such as socks, caps, and gaiters.
Because of how versatile North Face can be, many people can easily mix and match items for everyday wear or for any outdoor recreation activities they may have in mind.

They also have a section for toddlers (babies included) and kids so that they can join their parents in their outdoor activities or excursions.
They offer a wide range of clothing made from different materials that will suit any kind of climate or trail, North Face for kids also offers clothing and accessories to match their activities, so parents need not worry about what their children will be wearing during their training or going on an actual trip.
They also offer a wide range of school backpacks that are made of durable materials, North Face also has a line of bags where kids can use during their camping trips.
Not only are North Face products strong but they are also stylish which can easily blend in with your child’s school dress code.

North Face has stores in almost every country, with several outlets in most cities, and even have online shopping where people can easily order clothing, equipment, or accessories they need with a few taps on their phones.
North Face offers a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles for any gender and age; they also offer budget-friendly choices for the explorer on a budget.

North Face is also known for using recycled, organic, and responsibly sourced fabrics, they also work together with suppliers and retailers to help them reduce their environmental footprint for a greener and better future.
They aim to reduce the use of single-use packaging by 2025 by designing packaging and using packaging that is recyclable.
You can check out their sustainably conscious gear by looking for the ”Exploration without Compromise” badge while shopping.
Among these gears include tents, gloves, backpacks, caps, unisex jackets, and even shorts.

At the moment, Germany is the first country that has access to North Face Renewed, which gives items a second chance by refurbishing them into new items or accessories.
North Face repairs, refurbishes and even cleans them to give these items a second shot at adventure, and ready to explore the outdoors with you.
However, they will be expanding to other countries soon to provide the same experience to other people, you can sign up on their website to stay in the loop on when they can provide the Renewed service in your country.

North Face is highly recommended by the team here at Fashion Bustle.

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