Find latest short and long curly hairstyles for girls in winter

Last Updated on June 23, 2022 by Janie Wilson

Do you have curly hair and you want to know how to style it? Short and long curly hairstyles for girls in winter are trending and you need to read this article. You can make these beautiful curly hairstyles very easily. Short, medium and long curly hairstyles are not very simple and easy to make. It needs some care and tricks. Curly hair has variations in designs. You can give your curls good changes every day in the winter season.

           Short and long curly hairstyles 

Curly Hairstyles are different for a long, medium, and a short length. We have many curly hairstyles for you. You can make different styles for the casual and party look.

Latest curly hair styles for girls in winterSoft Waves curly hairstyle

The soft Waves’ curly hairstyle is for long hair. It gives a charming look in winter. The curls and waves of long hair give a soft look in soft waves.

Swoop Curls hairstyle

This is a very beautiful hairstyle for curly hair. You only have to swoop your hair to one side. Apply some colorful pins or clips to hold the hair. Now, you can enjoy the look.

Latest curly hair styles for girls in winterPretty Twists hairstyle

This hairstyle is very amazing and gives you an attractive look. You have to get your hair towards your neck. Then make some twists of your hair. Use some fancy pins to decorate it.

Curls with pony style

This is a very simple hairstyle for curly hair. What you have to do is brush the hair from the top to make it flatter. Then take all hair back in the form of the ponytail. Let all your curls falling down with full length.

Latest curly hair styles for girls in winter


Make a loose pony of your hair. Use some flowers or fancy clips to tie the pony. Let some curls to frame your pretty face.

Curls with bow

You can easily make this beautiful hairstyle. Place a bow of your hair on your head at the top. Let some curls loose to frame your face. You can try all these curly hairstyles in winter 2015. We will bring some more styles for you in the future.