Is Redken Cruelty-free And Vegan?

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Is Redken cruelty-free? The answer is an emphatic “NO”.

Redken is a hair-care brand that has been endorsed by professionals and has its roots in the United States. Redken products are only available in select salons as well as through their online distributors affiliated with them.

Redken products are sold in 58 countries, but the full list of these countries is not readily accessible.

The main company L’Oreal offers its cosmetics that are sold all over the world, including China which is a country in which the testing of cosmetics on animals is a requirement by law. This is one the primary reasons why Redken is not a cruelty-free company.

Redken is also as a member of PETA as a business which DOES experiment on animals. Therefore, Redken might or may not be selling directly in China, but since the parent company does it, the brand also comes under scrutiny and isn’t cruelty-free.


Do you know if Redken items available for sale in China? YES and NO!

There isn’t any certainty that Redken offers its product in China. Redken’s website simply states that they are sold in fifty-eight countries in the world. However, it does not offer any additional details about this, and leaves the door open for speculation.

They have responded to a question regarding sales to China on Facebook in which they claim that Redken isn’t sold in China and that the post is almost a year old. But, none of these claims are discussed through their official site.

The reason it is crucial to find out if a brand is sold in China is due to the fact that Chinese law requires that all cosmetics made in the world need undergo tests on animals prior to being able to be sold in stores on mainland China.

The law is not applicable for online purchases of goods and also not to companies that sell their products within Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan that are part of the Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China.

Items that fall in the category of cosmetics are makeup products, skin care sun care and hair and sun care items (all except soaps and toothpastes).

While it’s unclear whether Redken is sold in salons on mainland China as well as its subsidiary company, L’Oreal is a well-known company within the Asian market, and has products available in stores across the mainland of China.


Is Redken vegan? NO!

If a company is to be vegan, not only must the products contain substances (active or inactive) that are made from plants in totality, but it must not be used in any manner, either directly or indirectly, in which animals are exposed to any type of cruelty.

The parent company of Redken L’Oreal sells its products in China. This makes the company directly involved in cruelty to animals and Redken hasn’t got an entire line of vegan products containing the ingredients that are made from plants.

The majority of the products they sell contain stearyl and cetyl alcohol as well as its by-products. They are fatty alcohols that are made from animal tallow, and are utilized in creams, shampoos and other products to thicken the product.

Redken recently introduced a line of products for hair that are all-plant-based ingredients however Redken isn’t 100% cruelty-free, and therefore can’t be considered to be a 100 100% vegan product.


Redken clarifies its position regarding testing animals on its FAQ section of the official site. The page states that:

L’Oreal, the parent company of Redken, has stopped testing its products or their ingredients against animals anyplace in the world, nor does L’Oreal assign this responsibility to other companies. A waiver could be granted when regulatory authorities requested the testing for safety or regulatory reasons.

The only exception, though not explicitly stated is China where regulators are required to conduct tests on animals of the products prior to their sale on the Chinese market, as well as post-market tests where products are taken off shelves and tested to ensure safety and compliance particularly if a customer has lodged complaints.


YES, Redken was purchased by L’Oreal in 1993. The company is part of the Professional Products Division that endorses products that aid hairdressers and hair maintenance.

L’Oreal, the parent of L’Oreal, is also included on the PETA list of companies who test on animals.


Redken is a brand that is professional for hair stylists. Its line of products includes hair styling, color and products for hair care.


The position of Redken in 2021 is that they are not a cruelty-free company.


You should demand that the company make the brand more transparent. As a customer, it’s your right to get full information regarding the products you purchase and its impact on the environment. Otherwise, as a responsible citizen of this world, you should boycott such products that are tested on animals.


Is Redken cruelty free and vegan? I have already given the answer to this question at the very outset. So, I am not going to repeat this again.

As an international brand, it’s their responsibility of redken to provide the full truth so that consumers can make an informed decision. There are some brands that remain cruelty-free despite being acquired by a conglomerate. So, redken should do their best to remove the cobwebs of doubt that has crept in the mind of consumers and that has somehow tarnished the image of the company.

If Redken is among the brands that have maintained their cruelty-free status, then they must be able to display it on their website. However, the fact that they do not do so is cause for concern.


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