How to Choose Your Engagement Ring: Exploring Shape, Cut, and More

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When it comes to picking out an engagement ring, you want to make sure you do your research ahead of time.

Sealing the deal with a sparkly diamond is the best way to finish off asking one of life’s most important questions.

Diamonds are all unique in their own special ways. They each have a unique cut, shape, size, clarity, and embellishments that make them extra special.

But perhaps the shape of an engagement ring is most important. There are some rings like the Asscher diamon that some women will absolutely adore, and then princess-cut rings that other women would rather have.

For most people, it can feel quite confusing to try to find a ring that best matches what your soon-to-be fiancé will love. This is where we come in. We are going to share everything there is to know about the various cuts and shapes of diamond engagement rings. That way you can pick yours out confidently and know that the ring will make it impossible to say anything but “yes!”.

Here is the ultimate guide for choosing your engagement ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring

1. The Asscher Diamond

If your engagement ring has a diamond that has an Asscher cut, then it will have a resulting square shape and four strong corners that are extremely prominent. This distinct style provides a geometric shape that is both stunning and unique. The shape though can be cut in three different ways—royal, classic, and modern.

While there are small nuances between all three, the cuts will all produce a very timeless and vintage look that celebrates the Art Deco era.

Keep in mind that these types of diamonds have a big emphasis on clarity grades and that is the priority over the carat size or color.

2. The Baguette Diamond

This name may sound funny, but it is quite accurate when it comes to defining the shape of the diamond. This is because it looks exactly like a baguette that you would purchase and eat in France! This diamond is common in oval engagement rings and is beloved by many women. 

The long thin yet subtly rounded rectangle shape of this diamond is often cut two different ways—either straight or tapered. These diamonds are generally smaller, so there will be multiple of them that are fused into the actual ring setting.

This shape is perfect for those who want a more subtle diamond ring and don’t want to risk it snagging on anything.

3. The Cushion Diamond

Next, there is the cushion cut diamond, that resembles that of a couch cushion. That means that the resulting shape will be a square that has rounded corners.

This shape is certainly charming and provides a very elegant and romantic look for an engagement ring. This cut is great for those that really want to customize their engagement ring because the cut allows it to be so versatile.

This diamond ring cut is one that has been around for many years and has never really gone out of style.

4. The Emerald Diamond

If you are wanting your engagement ring to have one of the most glamorous looks, then make sure it has an emerald-cut diamond!

This shape of diamond is one that produces a really stunning mirrored effect, which is able to draw in and reflect off light. This will draw many onlookers’ attention to the ring and make the recipient feel especially adorned.

It is also great for having that “wow” factor when it comes to an emerald diamond but not actually costing you a fortune for the carat factor. The shape and cut give an allusion that the diamond is bigger than it actually is, making it a great cost-saving solution for many.

5. The Heart Diamond

There is no shape in the world that better sums up eternal love than a heart diamond shape. This uniquely cut diamond is rarer and takes more time to create, so is certainly going to be a bit pricier. But the unique end result is worth every cent. What woman would not want to wear a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring?

6. The Marquise Cut Diamond

One of the more vintage cuts that date all the way back to King Louis XV is the marquise cut diamond engagement ring. The design was inspired by King Louis XV himself, who wanted to have a jeweler create a ring that actually resembled the lips of his mistress.

Now, this cut provides a beautiful engagement rink look that is super unique—in fact if you look closely enough the diamond resembles that of a football! Plus, this cut of diamond makes it light and extremely flattering for any sized finger.

Engagement Ring


This is really just the start of all the great diamond cuts and shapes to consider when shopping for an engagement ring. It all comes down to personal preference and budget in the end, but be confident in your decision and know that she will say yes!

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