The Otrano Dress

Last Updated on May 4, 2022 by Janie Wilson

Weddings happen on a daily basis. You’ve probably gone to your fair share of them, maybe varying as a semi-bored guest to an overworked maid of honor to a life of the party bridesmaid. Maybe you’ve watched some of your best friends celebrate their special day and laughed and cried your way through the ceremony as often as you’ve enjoyed the free drinks and wondered how many of these weddings you’ll have to sit through.

Now it’s your turn. You have to decide whether your romantic side will come out or if you’ll make your wedding the party of the year. Or you can definitely be somewhere in the middle. The dress sets the wedding’s vibe, everyone knows it. That’s why there’s so much fanfare about choosing the right one. The kind of bride you are affects the kind of wedding you have, from food to color scheme to decorations to venue. 

So you need the perfect wedding dress . . . you will find it, but sometimes it’s hard to picture what a dress says about the wearer. 

Let us style a few gorgeous Reformation wedding dresses with the wedding we think the wearer might be inclined to throw. Then you can decide: what kind of bride will you be?

The Aigio Dress

The Aigio Dress

Setting: A private beach somewhere.

Bouquet: Tropical foliage.

Drink of Choice: Classic mint mojitos.

Ceremony Details: The scent of gardenias wafts on the breeze as you say your handwritten vows. Guests shed a few tears. The ocean soundtracks the ceremony. Your shoes are peep-toe and your nails are pearly pink.

The Ingrid Dress

The Ingrid Dress

Setting: The top of a mountain (marriage with a view).

Bouquet: Eucalyptus and baby’s breath.

Drink of Choice: Fruit infused old fashioneds.

Ceremony Details: Take your wedding to dangerous heights. You’re a risk taker who’s not afraid to show a little leg (not to mention your cute shoes). The guests won’t know what’s more dizzying: the panoramic view or exquisite desserts served at the reception.

The Gimlet Dress

The Gimlet Dress

Setting: Manicured grounds outside an estate.

Bouquet: Marigolds and goldenrods.

Drink of Choice: Chamomile infused wine.

Ceremony Details: In the shade of a stunning historic estate building, you say your I do’s. You’re a cool-as-a-cucumber bride in your breezy lightweight dress with ruffled shoulder detailing. You wear your hair natural and lean into the golden hour hues with coppery floral accents in the bouquet and centerpieces at a long outdoor table. An intimate event for the people who know you best.

The Vecchio Dress

The Vecchio Dress

Setting: A stunning stained glass cathedral.

Bouquet: Calla lilies and greenery.

Drink of Choice: White wine sangria.

Ceremony Details: You’re a classically romantic bride and you lean into the touches you always dreamed about in your girlhood wedding scrapbooks. The towering ceilings and stained glass light shining onto the guests cast the whole ceremony in an otherworldly glow. Your grandmother sits in the front row and snaps pictures.

The Hestia Dress

The Hestia Dress

Setting: A greenhouse-enclosed botanical garden.

Bouquet: Lilacs and ferns.

Drink of Choice: A garden gimlet with basil and cucumber.

Ceremony Details: It’s florals for you. Your flower crown could have been handpicked from the flowers and plants joining your guests at the ceremony. All that greenhouse air feels fresh and uplifting as you celebrate with your favorite people. Imagine the dewy glow the humid air is giving your skin. Plus, the climate controlled environment means no goosebumps or sweat.

The Rya Dress

The Rya Dress

Setting: A rooftop overlooking the city.

Bouquet: Hyacinths and roses.

Drink of Choice: Champagne in tiny flutes.

Ceremony Details: City chic for a city girl, with the sounds of your home underlying the gentle chattering of your guests. What better place to get married than the heart of the city, yet in the sky? The stars act like the string lights after the sun has set, but you’ve still got plenty of fairy lights hovering over the venue. The moon is your spotlight. And you make an entrance in your dress. 

The Otrano Dress

The Otrano Dress

Setting: A state of the art library (with absurdly high ceilings).

Bouquet: Orchids and string of pearl succulents.

Drink of Choice: Gin and tonics.

Ceremony Details: “Something old and something new” was no problem for you: you’re a vintage kind of girl with modern tastes. Dark academia meets ethereal in your world, and your venue blends your two styles perfectly. Your photos are shot on film, your drinks are classic favorites, but your love is timeless.


Here’s to all the brides who are figuring out what kind of wedding they want to have. It all starts with the dress. Take this inspiration and let it help you shape your dream day. And if you need to change it up part way through with a ceremony dress and a reception dress, even better. You can’t be expected to be the same all the time. You do you.

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