Chai Wala resemblance with Tom Cruise shocked the world

Last Updated on May 19, 2020 by Janie Wilson

Pakistani Chai Wala has become a hot topic for discussion now after his viral picture recently. It has been noticed that Chai Wala has a surprising resemblance to Tom Cruise from Hollywood. He has become the latest sensation on the internet. He has blue charming eyes and he became the crush for girls.

After getting popular his interview has been taken from many channels and live shows. He was the top trend on Twitter for the last two days.
Chai Wala resemblance with Tom Cruise shocked the world

Chai Wala resemblance with Tom Cruise shocked the world

According to the latest news now, he has also received a contract for modeling from an online company. There are bright chances of his success and popularity. The company published his pictures on the internet with his name Arshad Khan. They also published his pictures on Facebook while announcing that he will work for them. The Arshad has become very famous due to his great and charming looks. The #chaiwala has become the style icon for fashion now.

Chai Wala resemblance with Tom Cruise shocked the worldThe tag of the picture is that the Chai Wala is the more crazy way he is now showing up in a fashionable way.

“His photo was taken by a photographer and it goes viral on social media making him a celebrity.

In Pakistan, #chaiwala  was the top trend in two days. This picture has also captured the attention of international media. Arshad Khan is also being compared to the famous Hollywood star Tom Cruise and Fawad Afzal Khan as well.

Chai Wala resemblance with Tom Cruise shocked the world

The boy has a stunning personality but, he is a simple man. He has a natural beauty but his one photo made him a great start in 24 hours.

This also represents the power of social media in our life. Anyone could be popular in one second. Hence, it is a matter of luck as well.



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