8 Smart Ways To Style Printed T-Shirts

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There are different types of t-shirts in the Australian market today featuring various colors, designs, sleeve lengths, necklines, and materials. T-shirts are stable casual wear that can be paired with almost anything if styled strategically well.

A printed tee will never disappoint you whether you want to hang out with friends, go for a movie, hike, or even on a date. You can have your shirt printed with your favorite celebrity, anime character, or your pronouns. All you need to do to nail it is to pair it up with a classic denim jacket, a pair of shorts, or trousers. But there’s more to that.

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Here are eight ways to style your printed t-shirts:

1. Pair It With A Sharp Blazer

Wearing a t-shirt with just a pair of shorts or trousers gives a more casual vibe. That’s the look to go for if you’re going to a simple event. However, if you’re not looking for a very casual look, consider pairing your printed tee with a blazer to bring out the celebrity in you. Maybe choose a t-shirt with neutral base color imprints like gray or black.

Consider tucking your tee in your khaki pants or chinos, and complete the look with a decent pair of ankle boots, flats, or wedges, and get your business-casual style. If you don’t have a printed tee in your closet, you’re missing out on the trendiest sense. Get a good quality printed t-shirt from Sydney Custom t-shirt companies or other branded companies, and rock the new look.

2. Wear It With Wide-Leg Jeans And A Bustier

Women will always look good while wearing their printed t-shirts with just about anything. You can choose to pair it with skinny jeans, cutoffs, or a skirt, but wearing it with wide-leg jeans adds light to your style. It’s no longer the usual dress-up people are used to seeing. You’re making a statement.

Compliment the look with pointed mules and bring out the formal and informal juxtaposition. Tuck one side or the whole t-shirt into your jeans and turn heads.

3. Accessorize Your T-shirt

Accessorize your look to add a fun notch. You can choose to add a colorful handbag or earrings to your outfit or just one that matches what you’re wearing. If you love hats, there are so many options, just pick one that compliments your look. You can also wear designer watches, bracelets, and necklaces.

4. Couple It With An Oversized Denim And Leather Jacket

You’re yet to make a statement with your fashion if you’ve never worn a denim or leather jacket over your printed shirt. This look comes out better when you try it with a loose-fitting t-shirt, a slouchy denim jacket, and throw in a pair of sneakers. Consider matching your shoes with your t-shirt for a better look.

The leather jacket is more suitable if you’re having a night out with your girls or boyfriend. It’s the simplest outfit to pull within a few minutes. Whether or not you tuck in is your choice, but if you don’t want to tuck, consider a fitting t-shirt.

5. Size Up With Distressed And Biker Shorts

As mentioned, printed tees go with just about anything, saving you a lot of money on new clothes. Pair your printed t-shirt with distressed or biker shorts for warmer temperatures. In fact, you can reuse stained shirts as well for rocking this look. Most women prefer sun dresses but wear this for an edgy cool look. Add a pair of rubber shoes or sandals and sunglasses to compliment the breathtaking look, and stand out from the crowd.

6. Rock It As A Dress

If you love wearing dresses and you can’t picture yourself in anything else, try wearing your printed tee as a dress. No better way to turn heads than this. You’ll need an oversized t-shirt to pull out this look.

Pair your t-shirt dress with fishnet tights and complete the look with combat boots. You can add a bold-colored belt to the look and maybe match it with your combat boots or your choice of shoes.

7. Layer It Under Your Power Suit

If you’re the boss lady type of woman, then a printed tee with a power suit style was invented for you. Printed t-shirts go so well with these oversized monochrome suits and add a lively vibe to your traditional look. Grab a pair of sneakers on your way out, and walk into that office as a fashionable boss or chic guess at a semi-formal event.

8. Wear It As A Faux Crop Top

Well, well, well! If you’ve never considered wearing a printed t-shirt as a faux crop top, it’s high time you do. You can design your t-shirt into a faux top and pair it with high-waist jeans and boots or a leather skirt and high heels.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of converting your printed tee into a faux one, you could save yourself from the hassle and buy one that’s the size of a crop top. For a beginner, it may take some time to transform your tee into a faux that won’t straighten when you’re busy running errands in town or in the middle of a date.

Photo of shiny dreamy lady dressed print t-shirt dark glasses arms behind head empty space isolated yellow color background
Photo of shiny dreamy lady dressed print t-shirt dark glasses arms behind head empty space isolated yellow color background.


Wearing printed t-shirts is fashionable. They match almost every other outfit; you only need to know how to style them. As discussed, you can pair it with wide-leg jeans, distressed shorts, and skirts, or wear it under a blazer, power suit, denim, and leather jackets. If you don’t have one, get one from a reliable brand and rock the new look!

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