7 Ways Fashion Fans Can Make Extra Money

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When we speak of fashion, it is a broad and complex subject. Some consider it as a form of expressing oneself through styled garments. It can also mean the art of making and designing clothes. 

Many people are getting into fashion lately. This is because of the increased social media presence of fashion brands. Fashion influencers also play a big role in the recent popularity. 

It is common knowledge that the fashion industry is lucrative.  Nowadays, there are many ways in which you can make money through fashion.  If you are an enthusiast, now is the best time to get into the business. Trends are changing faster than ever. More and more people are also interested in getting dressed up and dolled up no matter the occasion. Thus, this creates more opportunities for fashion fans, like you, to make money. 

If this might interest you, here are 7 ways fashion fans can make extra money.

  • Have a Clothing Line

Having their own clothing line is a dream for most fashion fans. And setting up one to gain some additional cash is doable.  Do note though that it doesn’t necessarily mean producing complicated and high-fashion items. 

You can start simply by making everyday pieces such as caps and shirts. Printing your own design on T-shirts is one of the easiest ways to test the waters. This just takes a few days to make and requires a relatively small amount of effort and monetary investment. Check out this article to learn more about customizing your t-shirt designs. 

  • Start a Blog

Many fashion influencers started through blogging. Blogging can be a career but it can also be a profitable hobby. All you have to do is create a tastefully-designed website and start writing fashion articles. 

For starters, you can talk about your love for fashion and what lead you to explore blogging. Fashion tips and tricks are good content ideas to boost audience engagement. High engagement and number of followers are important figures as they can lead you to some sponsored content wherein brands contact you to promote their products. 

Getting sponsored content is also a great indicator of your credibility as someone knowledgeable about fashion. 

  • Make Fashion Videos

In this digital age, you can make money by making fashion videos. And exploring this venture doesn’t strictly require you to be a fashion guru.    

You can upload fashion content on video streaming websites such as YouTube or TikTok. You can also opt to upload them on your social media accounts.

Fashion covers a broad range of topics, so you would never run out of content and things to talk about. Your content can be about styling, doing shopping hauls, fashion design, or just talking about the latest trends, to name a few. 

Like blogging, you can also monetize your views and get sponsored content through this. 

  • Sell Curated Items

You can apply your knowledge and interest in fashion by sourcing and selling curated items. Curated fashion items can be vintage and one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. 

There’s always a market for good quality, hard-to-find, and well-designed items.  You can even sell them more than what you bought them for. 

  • Get Into Fashion Styling

As a fashion enthusiast, you can also get into fashion styling. Fashion styling is the art of choosing and coordinating clothes for another person, usually for celebrities or models. Nowadays, it has also become popular with C-suite executives and working moms. 

Many fashion companies are hiring staff even without formal education in fashion. Just show them that you’re passionate and hardworking about it and you’re good to go.

  • Be a Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers are people who shop for clients. They find specific orders of clients and buy or source them out on their behalf. They usually buy one-of-a-kind, luxurious, and expensive items for VIP clients. This is also a great way to expand your knowledge on high-fashion and luxurious brands that cater only to the elite. 

Because it comes with a fun yet challenging experience,  personal shoppers in the fashion industry have gained interest with fashion fans. In this field, you can use your expertise, earn, and at the same time have fun shopping, too.

  • Try a Fabric Retail Business

Fabrics are also part of the fashion industry. However, not many people engage in this business. 

It’s actually a great way to start earning extra money. You can start by retailing fabrics such as tweed, wool, silk, and cotton. Clothes, some bags, and accessories are made of fabric. Thus, there is always demand for it.

The Business of Fashion 

The fashion industry is growing by the day. This is because more and more people are starting to get into dressing up and styling to boost their confidence and show their personality. Furthermore,  fashion brands are also more visible because of social media.

This opens up more opportunities to earn through fashion. Fans and enthusiasts can actually use their fashion savviness and get into the game. 

As a fashion fan, you can earn money by starting a fashion-related business such as starting your own clothing line, selling curated items, or getting into the fabric retail business. You can also get creative by blogging and vlogging. Lastly, you can also consider working for people in the fashion industry by being a fashion stylist or a personal shopper.  These are great opportunities you may want to explore. 


Janie Wilson
Janie Wilson

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