5 Pro Tips To Make Your Wig Look Natural

Last Updated on September 29, 2022 by Janie Wilson

The hair is one of the body parts that attract other people’s attention, and it’s called the crowning glory for this reason, among others. While hair is essential in protecting the head, it ultimately elevates one’s physical appearance and aesthetics. However, you may opt to wear a wig if you want to try out different hairstyles, hide baldness, or give your natural hair a break.

Old-fashioned wigs can be pretty obvious and stiff, but thanks to innovation and advancements, wigs are now softer in texture and mimic real hair even more. This is the reason why the number of wig-wearers has increased. In fact, the wig industry has experienced up to 43% market growth over the years.

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Beauty black skin woman African Ethnic female face. Young african american model with long afro hair. Lux model.

If you’re planning to join this growing number of wig users, here are some insightful tips to make your wig look more natural:

  1. Do A Lot Of Research

Researching can do a lot of great things, no matter what you plan to do. This essential step is applicable in your wig journey too. If you’re not accustomed to wearing a wig, or your knowledge of this subject matter is limited, it’s time to check out numerous resources to understand what they’re made of, how they’re made, how to wear them effectively, and so on. After all, information is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

The more you learn about wigs, the more you grow in confidence. You’ll discover more secrets about wearing it right or styling it to make you appear more beautiful. Don’t limit your search to blogs and vlogs on websites. Go and head over to social media pages, too, as countless other people have tips to share about their wig experiences and journeys.

  1. Get The Perfect Size And Fit

Your wig will look more natural and feel more comfortable if you find the right size for your head. This is a crucial tip for all wig-wearers out there. No matter how high-quality and beautiful your wig is, the wrong size will significantly affect its appearance on your head.

Take a tape measure out to determine the size of your wig. Wrap the measuring tape behind your ear, around your other ear, and towards the front of your hairline. Make sure to get an accurate circumference of your head.

Try to measure a few more times to come up with a consistent size. You can ask for help from a friend or family if you can’t execute this step easily by yourself. They can check the number on the tape much more clearly than you.

  1. Consider The Wig’s Parting

Like natural hair, wigs need to have a parting style. Make sure the wig you choose has a parting. Wigs with parting are more natural-looking. They’re effective in giving you a more natural appearance.

Go for silk top lace wigs, as these products are the most realistic-looking hair on the market today. Some luxurious brands offer this wig type, which has a silk top base that looks like a real scalp.

  1. Pluck Hairs From The Wig

Perhaps you haven’t tried this, but it’s a nifty trick to pluck hairs from the wig’s hairline to make it appear more natural. As you may have observed, that area can be too dense, which is unrealistic compared to real human hair.

Examine your natural hairline and where your hair parts. Near the hairline, hairs become sparser, and you can usually see some scalp. You can copy the same look by plucking hair from the wig too. Use the best tweezer and place the wig on a mannequin head when doing this step. This allows you to estimate how sparse the hairline and parting area should look.

When plucking hair, start close to the ear line and work your way towards the middle of your head, taking care not to pull out the lace. Make sure the lace doesn’t show a line where the hair begins. As hair grows from the hairline to full coverage, there should be a gradient effect. This will make it seem more natural-looking, like how real hair is on the scalp.

young woman with a wig cap comb her wig

  1. Gruff Your Wig A Bit

Finally, you should know that wigs should look imperfect to make them appear more natural. It’s important to remember that hair moves freely and should appear the same way unless it’s been styled. To come up with an imperfect look, gruff up your wig a bit. Check the fibers and shake them up, not fearing where some strands will fall. Wigs should look a bit flawed to mimic real hair. Because the truth is, hair appears messy a lot of times.

With your fingers, pick up the wig and fluff it up. You may also use a comb or brush to give it more volume. Wigs could come in real human hair if you opt for one, but it’s all up to you to gruff it up and make it appear more relaxed and attuned to your scalp and head. You can also incorporate some hairstyles and haircuts to it as you would to your real hair.


Wearing wigs can be more fun than stressful when you know what steps to take. Whatever your purpose is for wearing one, the advantages remain the same. Ultimately, they make you feel more confident and help you look your best every time. The key is to take care of your wig just like your own dream hair.

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