4 Stylish Types of Glasses That Offer Computer-Screen Eye Protection

Last Updated on March 14, 2022 by Janie Wilson

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Today’s technology demands people to be constantly on their computers and phone screens. From work and school commitments to their personal time for relaxation and entertainment, people are constantly looking at screens. This is why it is important to help protect your eyes, to ensure they stay healthy in an era where they are susceptible to extreme screen fatigue. Here are 4 stylish glasses that can offer computer-screen eye protection.


The first type of glasses that should be considered for computer work to reduce your exposure to the light emitted by the screens is monofocal glasses. These glasses are classified as single vision glasses, one of the most common types of glasses in general. These offer the benefit of providing you the most coverage when it comes to your prescription, not having to adjust your head position in order to focus clearly on what is on the screen at any given time. These glasses are outfitted with the ideal prescription for the distance that is optimal for your working needs. The distance is key for your eye health when working on a computer, as your vision won’t have to adjust as frequently.


Bifocal glasses provide a second area of focus in your glasses. One-half of your glasses are adjusted for the distance that you typically work when you are looking at a screen, while the other focus area is adjusted for a closer range, allowing your eyes to be able to focus on objects at a shorter range such as books or text that you might need to view. This set of glasses is beneficial as you don’t have to change out your glasses or keep two nearby in order to continuously adjust for your vision needs. The drawback, as contrasted with the monofocal glasses, is that you have to continuously adjust your position and head in order to facilitate the different distances.

Trifocal And Progressive Additional Lenses

Trifocals glasses and prescriptions are another option for glasses to help with computer screen eye protection. Although it is not as common, it is another solution to help alleviate strain on your eyes. These add another level of focus on the top of bifocals, providing you three distances to see with your glasses. These include the measured computer distance, the close reading range, as well as ability to help see objects at a greater distance. This is ideal for not only work, but school, where you have to see lecture notes, and potentially slides at a great distance, referencing your computer and notes frequently. Progressive lenses work in a similar fashion, but do not provide a hard change with borderlines to different distances. Instead, you see progressive changes to the different distances. Because of the progression to vision, the areas of focus may be smaller or more limited, resulting in different issues with these glasses than other options.

Blue Light Glasses

One of the biggest issues when working on computers is not just associated with the focus distance, but also with the light associated with the screens. When you work a job that requires you to be at a computer, you are staring at a screen for a significant amount of time, not to mention the screen time you get on your phone when you are not at work. Utilizing blue light computer glasses will help with alleviating the strain on your eyes from the light, limiting the amount that is exposed to your eyes and that cause you to feel fatigued. This will help prevent headaches, migraines, and other eye strain-related issues when it comes to heavy computer usage.

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Be Cautious Blocking Too Much Light

As much as you want to practice healthy habits when working on your computer and reducing the amount of screen time you expose your eyes to, it is important that you are careful in choosing your glasses to not block too much light either. Bluelight glasses that block too much light are counterintuitive with the reason being that blocking too much light will strain your eyes just as much. This is because your eyes will have to work harder to focus and comprehend the information, like glasses that do not allow enough light will result in your surroundings feeling too dark and difficult to easily identify.

It is crucial that you protect your eyes as they are constantly vulnerable to fatigue and the long-term effects of computers and screens. Different glasses can assist in preventing such health issues from worsening or developing. Always be mindful of your screen time as well, taking breaks and allowing yourself time away from the computer if you can.

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