13 Instagram-Worthy Salon Decor Ideas [With Do’s & Don’ts]

Last Updated on August 22, 2023 by Janie Wilson

Do you want to get your salon found by clients online on an Instagram account? Do you want to showcase your salon and attract more customers by social media? If yes, then take your salon’s interior decor seriously.

Think interiors décor as an investment in getting more clients. A well-designed salon can communicate and strengthen your brand message. Moreover, your salon’s appearance can remarkably influence the mood and temperament of your customers.

You can easily create a selfie corner by setting up a flower or green wall that people love to take photos in front of. Adding flowers and plants from a fresh flowers delivery center around your salon makes it look fresh, colorful, and more vibrant.

Moreover, many people love to go to trendy places and show off to their family and friends on Instagram. That is why it is essential to beef up your salon interior décor. Here are some exciting Instagram-worthy salon décor ideas:

Do Hang an Abstract Wall Art

salon decor


Do hang a hair and salon complimenting wall art on the bare walls of your space. Make sure that art pieces are not dull or they are not there for the sake of filling the naked walls.

Instead, choose wall art as a medium to express your brand and your products. Then, you can use it as a gorgeous background for Instagram pictures. For example, you can pick hair wall art by ElephantStock.

Make sure your art pieces blend into the salon’s surroundings and add the mood to the place. It is an intelligent way to attract the customer’s attention.

Do Pick a Theme

Make sure the decor and theme you select reflect your ideal clientèle. For example, a middle-aged lady from a rural area will have different tastes to an urban city professional. Then, depending on your target customers, you can decorate accordingly.


Here are a few salon design themes you can consider:

  • Pretty in Pink

These days pastel, millennial pink is in trend. These colors can give your salon a supers soft and feminine look. You can try these girly tones for your salon and make it Instagram-friendly.


  • Floral and Fabulous

The popular theme that you can see nowadays in every salon is a beautiful floral display theme. Images of this theme look great on your client’s Instagram page.

  • Bold and Beautiful

Bright colors are an excellent option for salon decoration as they give vibrancy and life to a salon. So pick bold and vibrant colors to create a salon design that makes your salon stand out.


  • Eco Elegance

You can make your salon eco-friendly by bringing in plants and softwoods. It will lift the mood of the entire room and make your salon look elegant.

  • Trendy and Modern

You can give your salon a modern look and add clients who are fashion conscious. It will make a good place for those who like to post about fashion on social media.


Do Put Some Funky Accent Furniture in Your Lounge Area 

The lounge area likely provides the first exposure to your brand. So breathe new life into your lounge area with new furniture and accent pieces that ooze style. 

Make the lounge area in your salon a chill and funky place to hang out when people are waiting.   You can check out some beautiful and bold chairs online. 

They will not only make your salon look a funky place to snap pictures but can completely transform the space into a fun place.


Do Make a Selfie Corner 

If selfie lovers see something exciting or beautiful, they take photos with it. It is human behavior. So, if you want to promote your salon through social media, then encourage selfies in your salon.

You can do it by creating a fun and exciting corner in your salon. Your clients will love to take photographs there and will upload their photos on Instagram with your salon in the background.

You can easily create a selfie corner by setting up a flower or green wall that people love to take photos in front of. Adding flowers and plants around your salon makes it look fresh, colorful, and more vibrant. 


Do Make your Lighting on Point

Good lighting makes your salon look better. The proper lighting will not only illuminate the salon area, but it makes a strong design statement. So, add modern and functional light fixtures.

You can add downlights with softer concealed lighting fixtures as they save a lot of space. They also create a modern and pleasant ambiance. But, of course, if the salon lighting is proper, your photos will turn out better. 

To add some style to the atmosphere, bring some lamps that stand out. They will completely change the vibe of the salon.


Do Use Water for Your Salon Decoration

You might have noticed that bubbling, trickling, or cascading water often produces a calming and relaxing effect. So, you can add some water features or portable fountains to your salon. They will enhance the customer’s business experiences.

You can easily find these portable fountains online, and they are surprisingly affordable. They will add style to your salon and are a beautiful item with which you can take a selfie.

Do Install Some Mirrors

Mirrors are essential decor and functional elements for a hair salon. So place properly sized mirrors on each workstation. They are also reflectors, so they will make your salon look spacious and open.

It depends on your salon theme that you want to choose single-station mirrors or multi-station mirrors. Single-station mirrors create an intimate feel, and more oversized multi-station mirrors generate the sensation of having open space. 

You can also opt for frameless mirrors that will have a sleek and modern effect. Finally, for a homelike and minimalist appearance, choose framed mirrors. The mirrors create a classic and cozy look in the salon.


Don’t Keep Everything Disordered

Many elements go into a salon design. To effectively accomplish a salon look, make sure that everything is not disordered. All the numerous details must come together and create a unified look. 

Make sure that your workstations, equipment, color scheme, lighting, and fixtures all complement each other. Manage your staff’s attire and product display fixtures properly so that they will be in harmony with your salon aesthetic.


Don’t Be Afraid of Sharing your Work

Are you short of budget? Do you not have enough money to paint the entire space? If yes then, pick a wall of a room and make it an accent wall. 

For example, you can click pictures of hairstyles made by you or photos of other work done by you. Then, hang them on a blank wall to make it an accent wall. It will become a wall of attraction for clients.

They can look at your work and can take pictures of it. They can get those pictures on social media which gives you a chance to get more clients.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Neon Sign Work

Do your salon decor, and the overall vibe is outgoing and bright? If yes, then don’t be afraid of experimenting with neon sign work. It will go perfectly with your salon theme.

You can find pre-made neon signs with a cute phrase, or you can get them custom-made with your business name or slogans. You can get them online, or they are readily available in the market at competitive prices.

Don’t Be a Clutter Clogs


Avoid a cluttered salon look that is unorganized, unprofessional, and messy. It will harm your reputation and your business and leave a client highly dissatisfied. Also, make sure there are no unloved plants in the salon window.

Put the latest fashion magazines on stands instead of a five-year-old magazine. Also, remember that twee ornaments are strictly forbidden.

Don’t  Forget About the Ceilings


You may not have a budget to get your false ceilings appropriately done. But you can try a unique and stylish element on the top with the artwork. So, paint fun and exciting murals or tasteful posters on the roof. 

It is an impressive and classy way to add character and mood to your salon. Moreover, you can easily afford it as it is not very expensive and time-consuming.

Do Add a Retro Style

You can add a retro look to your salon by using gold or gray wallpaper. In addition, you can hang simple mirrors to reflect light and an analog wall clock to add a retro look.

Another way to add a touch of retro look is brick walls.  They add a warm and inviting environment to your salon.  You can indicate the famous barber pattern by adding the big window and the buttery leather chairs that complement the retro look.


Final Words

Decorating your salon’s interior Instagram-worthy and eye-catching does not cost you a fortune. Instead, you can use the above ideas to style up your salon.

Once you decorate your salon with new ideas, promote your salon by using all available communication channels. For example, you can email your clients, send them messages, and promote your salon design on social media. 

Janie Wilson
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