10 Amazing and funny Prank ideas for April Fools day

Last Updated on May 5, 2020 by Janie Wilson

April Fools day 2020 is here. Definitely, you will be searching for some amazing and funny prank ideas for April Fools day. We are giving here many ideas for April fools day pranks that are simple and not harmful. You will also get here April Fools pranks for adults and April Fools pranks for kids. Always remember, revenge pranks or dangerous pranks could be harmful to someone’s life and relations as well.

April Fools day 2023: Funny Prank ideas 

# If you want to have a prank with your colleagues then attach a horn to their seat. You will definitely enjoy the reaction. Don’t forget to take a picture.

April Fools day 2020

#Make a card of April Fools in the toilet role. He or she will surprise a lot.

April Fools day 2020

#Paste the wet cotton balls on a car to give them a look of snow in the morning.

Cotton balls prank

#Change your office room look with these kinds of cartons.

April Fool day 2017

#If you are on shopping with your friends then do this. Make a  loop of carts around the car of your friend. And see his reactions.

Push carts prank

#If you want to do a silly joke with your brother or sister on this April fools then paint your soap with colorless nail polish. When he or she will use the soap, no bubbles will come out.

Soap Prank

#If you want to prank the strangers this April fool then become a seat to watch the reactions.

Car seat prank

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These are simple pranks but believe me, you can have great fun and joy with your friends with these interesting April fools day pranks. Keep enjoying these funny pranks this year and April Fools day 2020 as well.