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Different trends in fashion are born at Fashion Week. Whether you like it or not, everyone has their own preferred style. Earrings are not just for women. Yet, earring society for men has not been around for long enough. Fashion ideas for men are not yet everywhere. Thus, it can be a little challenging to understand which are better for everyday style. Fortunately, I will discuss all the specifics of male earrings on this topic. Don’t worry; it is a lot simpler than you may think. At the end of the day, it should be a fun fashion statement that will showcase your personality.

One of my favorite places to find earrings for men is the Trent Him shop, below I will highlight some of my personal favorite purchases!

Earrings to Complement Your Style

Earrings to Complement Your Style

Men’s casual dress code is probably the strongest opportunity for people to convey a true sense of personal style… Whether you prefer something sleek or rugged, upscale, or down-to-earth… men’s casual wear is an open invitation to dress in what feels most comfortable to you. It is about finding the right balance between comfort, individuality, and style.


These are the earrings that match denim jeans and a casual shirt. This will give you a cool vibe that screams visual all over.


This 6MM Black Stud Earring will give you a bold yet classy look. It is nickel tested and stainless steel. This also meets the EU nickel-free standards.


A sleek round earring matte black finish gives this classic earring a modern twist. It locks in place for a secure fit and has a gorgeous matte black finish.


This gorgeous black 6mm zirconia and steel stud is perfect for an edgy style. It stays securely in place and most of them are nickel tested.


For a comfortable, sleek, and trendy style, you have to invest in the right cut in classic colors. These are khaki, navy, and beige. You can pair it with a button-down long or short-sleeved polo. You can use this style for a decent entrepreneur look. The following earrings can help you achieve a smart business casual look.


This round black zirconia earring is very classy and simple. It’s elegant and fantastic, discrete options for daily wear. It shouts simplicity through its gold and black tones. This also features a black cubic zirconia stone. And, it is fitted in gold-toned steel.


This silver zirconia ear stud is small and discreet. It boasts a zirconia gem. To wear, you have to screw it on.


A solitary clear crystal has tiny black stones. These are set in nickel-free with hypoallergenic steel. The built-in magnet makes a piercing unnecessary. Also, it has sparkling crystals and attaches to the earlobe with a built-in magnet.

What to Consider in Wearing Earrings

The Piercing Itself

person wearing stud earrings

Your piercing depends on what type of piercing you’re looking for. How and where you start your ear decoration also matters.

There are street jewelers or tattoo shops that often do a bog-standard lobe piercing. You can ask around for trusted recommendations. You can check the internet as well for reviews.


Age doesn’t matter applies to get a piercing as well. If you have all the guts and the style, you can pull anything off.

Personal Style

There are no fast rules on choosing your own earring. It depends on your style as everyone has its own preference. Some want to sport subtle trend, others want something dramatic. There are styles to go with your gut.

Types of Earrings for Men

Stud Earrings

Stud Earrings

The earring is for your cartilage. It is what you’ll have if it’s your lobe staring down the barrel of the gun. The stud piercing accessory will heal in eight weeks. If you take the stud out any sooner, the wound will close up.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings

If you want to look a little bit more adventurous than the simple stud, you can use hoops. Hoop Earrings are your comfortable option without losing your style.

Dangly Earrings

dangly earrings men

The dangly earrings are one of the punchiest options. This is a little bit edgy and often seen worn by celebrity rockstars. It is also an option of few punk kids on the street, emo teenagers, and those risque fashionistas.

Which Earrings Matches Your Skin Tone & Face Shape

Men should consider their skin tone and face shape in getting their earrings. The skin tone may clash with some colors. So unless you don’t want to draw some attention, you can check your options below.

If you have fair skin, silver or white gold looks great on you. But avoid rose gold as it may cause a pinkish effect on you. If you have milky skin, steer clear of yellow gold and stick to white or silver. Olive skin looks great with pretty much any color. Yellow gold looks vibrant and eye-catching against dark tones. Silvers and white gold works too.

If you have an oblong face, round earrings are perfect. Straight earrings without curves like a barbell or a taper are good for heart-shaped faces. Round or curved earrings match a square face and square earrings are for a rounded face.

Best Materials for Men’s Earrings

As a general rule, the materials you use for your piercing should match your skin tone. Silver is better with cooler skin. Warm skin tones suit gold.

Silver Earrings

Silver with platinum and gold match all kinds of earrings. This may give you sleek, punky, and hippyish aesthetic.

Gold Earring

Gold earrings look regal and punk. Yet, they have a romantic, vintage look.  A gold hoop looks fine as well in sports attire.

Diamond Earrings

No one will go wrong with a diamond piercing. Everyone looks classy and elegant with it.

Does Wearing Earrings Look Attractive?

What do most of us think about the guys who like wearing earrings? Like everything else, it’s a matter of personal taste and acceptance. Some of us are very diverse. And our opinions depend on culture, education, and the environment.

If you are a guy with piercings, be ready to meet someone with different points of view. There will be someone who has no prejudice and will judge you as a part of your image. But for some, your earrings can scare or disgust them.

Reasons Why Men Wear Earrings Today

Bts jungkook earrings

So these days why would men wear earrings?  Here are the specific reasons why men wear them.

A Fashion Trend

Young men find this to be an enhancement to their looks. This is a definite fashion statement.

A Religious Custom or Tradition

In some religions such as Hindu, ear piercing for both sexes is conducted in the 4th or 5th year of life. It is celebrated by a major feast with relatives and friends. In some religions, having a piercing is a sign of spiritual development.  The bigger their hole piercing, the greater the spiritual growth.

As a Symbol of Status or Wealth

Some guys wear diamond studs as a symbol of their wealth. Others would buy expensive earrings for their collection. They will use the proceeds in case they fall on difficult times.

Actors in Character

Those who are in a movie or a play require them to wear a piercing. This is to portray a certain character from the scene.

Earrings for Looks

To Look Cool and Attractive

Some men want validation to look cool and attractive. Thus they use these piercings to make them feel that way.

Therapeutic Benefit

The lobule is an acupuncture site for vision. But it is not used among acupuncture professionals for increasing vision. It is more for drug dependency, eating disorders, and etc.

I hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to comment with some of your own favorites below!

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