How the Victoria's Secret Angels making history

Victoria’s Secret Angels have arranged many fashion shows and introduced hundreds of models. In this article, we will tell you how the Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill made history in 2016. Thus, she still rocks in 2020.

According to the latest Fashion News this year, the beautiful and charming model Taylor Hill got the Angel wings in 2016. In this way, she became Victoria’s Secret model.

Victoria’s Secret Angels

After getting the Angel wings, Taylor Hill has proved herself to be one of the most charming models. She also became one of the memorable names of Victoria’s Secret Angels brand.

How the Victoria's Secret Angels making history

Hill told about her story after this success that she was the butt of jokes by everyone in her high school. She was talking to a website at the Runway event in New York City. This is the venue of Victoria’s Secret’s Shop. Taylor Hill is 29 years old, having very prominent features and a skinny body. She briefed that she didn’t have too much experience in high school.

Victoria's Secret Angels

Taylor Hill had some bad memories in high school. But, now she is confident after getting the wings of Victoria’s Secret Angels.  Taylor admired the loving, caring, and appreciating environment by Victoria Secret models. Taylor Hill was also named as the “2015 face of PINK USA  and she got too many wings this year. She was very excited over this achievement and admiration and thought to herself, Ms. America, on a runway in 2015. Taylor  Hills believes in focusing on her career and happiness at all.

Maria Borges-Victoria's Secret Angels

When we talk about the backstage of the Victoria’s Secret Runway, we can see here a lot of models practicing here. This year Maria Borges also walk with natural hair. In this way, she is making history in this fashion show. Maria Borges looked more confident and awesome with natural hair this year. We will share the latest fashion news with you off and on. Keep in touch with us.

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