Where can I buy Designer Face Masks for Coronavirus?

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Do you want to buy designer face masks for coronavirus?

We all know that life is crippling back to normalcy. So, the first priority of people would be to go out for work. They would also like to stroll around the park or go to the local stores to buy their daily groceries. And the first thing everyone should be looking for is a face mask without which none can step out of home! At least, for now.

designer face mask for covid 19True, it seems we will have to use cotton fabric face masks for quite some time. It is one more reason why you should find one for yourself. Yes, no matter where you are, people all over the world are now advised to wear masks when they go out in public. And you are no exception.
Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, ordered that all New Yorkers have to wear masks in public places. They will have to do this where a social distance of two meters is not possible. Cuomo also said that people would not go to jail for not wearing masks. But, would definitely impose fines.
Similar orders were given in New Jersey. So, wearing a cloth mask as a civilian is now a matter of common sense as long as you can pay for it or access it. In the immediate future, we will have to wear masks in grocery stores. We will have to wear them while shopping and walking. And this trend will continue for a long time even after the crisis is over.

designer face mask for coronavirus

We have seen a tendency of people taking selfies with masks and splashing them all over the net. So, it is most likely that masks will become a hot fashion statement. I presume it will be so instead of being a simple functional item for disease prevention.

Face Masks for Covid-19 in online stores

 face mask for Covid-19
If you wear a mask, it should be well-designed,” says a successful Etsy store owner. He thinks a mask should bring a smile into your face.
Masks have entered the world of fashion. This indispensable medical accessory has become a way of presenting your fashion sense. It reveals your interests and, in some cases, a sense of humor. True, humor is something we need most when life is full of so much tension and anxiety!

Face masks in Latin America

In many US states, as in most other countries, it has become mandatory to wear masks in the workplace. This is to help contain the spread of the coronavirus. Take, for example, the Latin American countries. Even a few years ago, face masks were in a state of infancy in Latin America. But, in recent times things have taken an abrupt turn. Now local motifs have taken a backseat to diverse cultural elements. These face masks reflect both Latin American as well as a global environment.
face masks in Latin America You can find wrestling masks in Mexico. Masks with Football club logos are being produced in Argentina. Also, Batman figures are getting printed on face masks in Peru. Again, designer masks are coming out in colorful swimsuit prints in Colombia. As a matter of fact, all kinds of face masks are arriving on the marketplace and people are loving it!
Some activists are wearing masks with political statements as well.
“It’s a piece of clothing that has a strong visual impact,” says Lauren Fajardo. This fashion icon is one of the owners of the Cuban fashion brand, Dador. For him, a face mask is not only for protection. It is also a form of expression. He thinks that a face mask is a strong style statement. For, a man doesn’t even need to speak to communicate with others around him if he is wearing a face mask.

Face masks in high fashion

Everyone wants to look unique. Everyone is unique with his or her designer face mask s in high fashiondistinctive traits. So, it is most likely people would choose a face mask that reveals his true identity. After all, the mask you wear is an expression of your personality.
Top fashion brands like Christian Siriano, Prada, and Gucci, have begun producing masks. These masks are functional – and not fashionable — masks. They’re meant for the healthcare staff. The famous French headquarters of Louis Vuitton is now filled with experienced tailors. They are now making snow-white masks and hospital gowns to donate to hospitals in Paris.
Fashion designer Cynthia Rowley also makes masks for charity. On Instagram, the designer flaunted her elegant personalized face masks. One of the photos shows Rowley wearing a mask with vertical black and white stripes. It goes so well with her sweater. Another photo shows her daughter wearing a feminine floral mask. It’s combined with high-waist jeans and a black matching top. It’s obvious that people with great fashion sense will not stay far behind.
Fashion consultant Kornstein has ordered lots of masks printed with African patterns. He predicts that the masks might even make it to the catwalks very soon.
Amy Wilson, an artist from New Jersey, and also a fashion pundit, is toying with the idea of making fashionable masks. She got this idea after seeing pictures of Japanese women wearing white masks with their high-fashion suits.
She exclaims that she dresses in black all the time, so she hates the idea of going around with a white surgical mask. Wison wants to do something more unusual and different. This is why she has made a special gray mask with a bee print and another having a leopard print.
In fact, wearing a face mask has been the norm in many Asian countries for ages. Whether as part of a basic, everyday precaution or for religious reasons. Most of the mask designs that Americans wear today come from Asia.
Wilson began manufacturing masks a few weeks before the outbreak of COVID-19. She checked the patterns for unique pieces in a local fabric shop. And she even thinks of being more innovative. Thus, by using studs, rhinestones, and other jewelry items.

Commercial face masks

commercial face masksIf haute couture is not your cup of tea, how about buying a mask with your favorite football or Basketball or Baseball team’s logo?
The NFL has launched a line of masks for their fans. Or, you can buy masks with Mickey Mouse faces? Disney will shortly join the fray.
What about something that shows social activism? You can join the Green Peace movement. Or be a Human Rights Champion wearing a mask that displays social awareness.
For Etsy sellers and fashion fiends, there’s nothing wrong in adding a little more flamboyance into medical supplies.
There is no harm as long as you don’t take them away from the people who need them most. Hence, you don’t fight for N95 medical masks. For one thing, it raises social awareness and draws one to people with a habit of using safe practices. If you have a penchant for polka dots, or African designs or jungle prints, go for it!
Until government regulations relax and the common folk feels safe again to cough and sneeze in public, the masks won’t go away soon.
There is no doubt that masks will be with us for a while. If the government no longer needs them, people will continue to use masks since they would feel insecure without them. It will be a routine thing to wear masks everywhere outside the home. People may even have cabinets of masks because it’s something they will get used to in a short time.
The best masks that civilians can wear are fabric, cotton, or synthetic. Leave the surgical masks and the N95 to the medical professionals and key workers. Besides, designers have been in the cloth mask game for a long time.
But, people are always looking to buy designer face masks. This is because they don’t want to make one for themselves, or don’t have the time or inclination for it.
Etsy’s home page is entirely dedicated to masks. And the company announced that between April 4 and April 6, an average of 9 mask searches per second was made on the site. This translates into more than 2 million searches. Amazing stats, indeed!
The offer on the site also became mind-boggling. As the number of mask vendors on the site has increased tenfold within the last week of May April.

Wrapping up

Masks may not be a fashion accessory, but they do take up a significant amount of space on your face. So, it is not surprising that people are looking for face masks that would be pleasing and also offer a semblance of protection. With this in mind, you can buy Etsy designer face masks for coronavirus. Or you may buy it from any other place from the myriad online stores. Yes, anything that suits your budget. I am sure you will get something that fits your taste and personality. Go masking!
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