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This category will describe make up ideas.

EyeLash Curler

The Best Use of EyeLash Curler – Get the Maximum Out of Minimum

Who does not wish to treat their eyes with the thick, voluminous, and curled eyelashes? Everyone for sure would love to have. You can enjoy the thicker, longer, and fuller eyelashes by the right...
Wedding Makeup ideas

5 Stunning and Beautiful Wedding Makeup Ideas for Brides

Every girl wants to look different and stunning on her special day. So, she always finds some trending wedding makeup ideas. So here are some tips about makeup for bridal and wedding makeup tips for...
Lipstick vs Lip Gloss vs Lip Lacquer

Lipstick vs Lip Gloss vs Lip Lacquer

One of the oldest and greatest debates of beauty lovers. Lipstick vs Lip gloss vs Lip Lacquer. I remember the first time my big sister got a lipstick, she would NEVER leave the house without...

How To Fix Thin Eyebrows

How To Fix Thin Light Eyebrows   How to fix thin eyebrows? If you are looking for an answer to this question, take heart. For one thing, in this post, I am going to write in...
Foundation And Concealer

The Difference Between Foundation And Concealer

A lot of people don't know the difference between Foundation and Concealer. So, they end up choosing the wrong one and don't get the results they like or expect. They then blame the product...