Does Breast Enlargement Massage Really Work?

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This question is often debated in open forums and groups whether breast enlargement massage helps in making your breasts bigger? Are there also perfectly shaped breasts that every woman dreams of? These are questions that women generally ask and get different types of replies. The answers are a kind of a mixed bag. Some say yes and some nod their head and say no—it doesn’t actually help.

Before anyone answers this question, one must first understand what women’s breasts are made up of. Well, breasts are mainly made up of fatty tissues and adipose fats. Both of these become quite responsive when stimulated. By massaging your breasts, you are actually stimulating the supporting tissues and the blood circulation. Which, in turn, gives rise to many positive effects, resulting in the firmness of the breasts. Self-massage therapy also generates healthy hormonal responses, increasing the levels of oxytocin. This is why regular breast enlargement massage can be quite an effective way to increase the size of your breasts. You can also check these tips on how to get bigger breasts without surgery.

Additional benefits of breast enlargement massage

krutu-tikrinimas-kruties-vezysThanks to the release of the oxytocin. It is a powerful hormone and acts as a neurotransmitter, breast enhancement massage help to prevent breast cancer, check premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, and cyst formation. Besides, massaging breasts will provide shapelier and firmer breasts. The breast tissues get oxygenated and detoxified.

Many of the women who have used these correct breast enhancement massage techniques often comment in forums and FB groups how good they feel after a breast massage session. They have already noticed a visible improvement in the size of their breasts. This improvement has raised their confidence level sky-high. At the same time, these breast massages also relax the mind and the body of the user.

Breast enlargement massage techniques

You should massage using circular, inward, and upward strokes for five or ten minutes once or twice every day. When you massage, there is more blood circulating in the massaged area. This stimulates the mammary glands to provide better firmness to the breasts. If possible, do the massage using massage oil or breast creams right after you take a shower.

There are ointments and creams available on the market to enhance the benefits that you get from breast massage. The use of such creams is to improve the fullness of the breasts as well as the appearance and size. It will also give a fillip to the growth of tissues to give your breasts a perkier, firmer, and bigger appearance.

One of the most natural breast enhancement methods is to get them massaged on a regular basis. You can do this by yourself or with the help of your male partner.

Regular massages can stimulate blood flow to the breast area and increase blood circulation. Do this by rubbing each breast in a circular motion with your hands moving towards the middle. Breast oils or you can use creams for at least 3 months to get the best results.

The Chi Massage

The Chi MassageThis is an easy breast enhancement massage that you can do while bathing in the shower or inside your bedroom. You can do this by rubbing your hands together to generate some heat. By then, you will begin to warm up as you start massaging your breasts. You should cup your hand over your breasts and spread out your fingers. Then, massage your breasts in a circular motion.

Fat transfer massage

Fat transfer massageYou should warm your hands first by rubbing them together to generate some heat. Now, take a bit of bust massage oil on your palm and try to sweep fat from the waist area and fat from the upper arms to your breasts. This method helps deposit fat from your belly to your breasts.

Step-by-step guide for doing breast enlargement massages correctly:

breast-massageFirst, it is always advisable that you use some massage oil or breast cream on your breasts. This is to lessen the unpleasant feeling due to continuous friction. Oils and creams will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable while you do the massaging. At the same time, they will enhance your pleasure to a great extent.

Start massaging from the center of your breast and put firm pressure on your palms. You should follow the contours of the breasts from inward to outward direction. Ensure that your hands are moving from the outside of your body towards the middle in a proper circular motion. Repeat for about 10-20 in each session. Use alternate hand movements and sweep from the underarms area upwards and inwards towards the center. You should repeat this for about 15-20 times.

Use both hands to lift the breasts upwards with firm support. Repeat the same motion from the other side for 15-20 times. You can repeat the second step, if you feel like, with lighter strokes without pushing the breasts in the inward direction.

The following video will help you learn how to use breast massage to get bigger breasts naturally:

Wrapping Up

If you would like to increase your breast size naturally, you ought to do this self-massage regularly before retiring to bed. Let this breast massage be part of your daily routine, twice per day. For better effectiveness, you can use massage oil or breast enlargement creams with the best breast enlargement massage techniques. This will create a synergistic effect and help your breasts to grow naturally and safely. You can also check how to make your breasts look bigger even after doing these massages.

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