Body Contouring Wraps Online

Last Updated on November 1, 2022 by Janie Wilson

Beauty comes from within but doesn’t it help when you are beautiful outside, too? This is why we spend so much time on our fashion style, and often our body too. Imagine a wrap that can just…make all your belly fat go away. Would you want it? 

Yes, we know. So, here it goes.

What are Contouring Wraps?

The body contouring wrap has a formula that naturally tightens and tones the stomach area. The results can be seen after 45 minutes and continue for another 72 hours. The first wrap begins in a treatment that consists of 4 wraps. 8 out of 10 people get their results after the first wrap. 

Why should you use  Contouring Wraps?

The results are not temporary! The results last from 2-6 months depending on how much you eat and how much you take care of your health. The daily use of Defining Gel can improve and maintain your results from the wraps. Wrapping every 3 days or weekly can help you reach your slim body goals. 

How long should you use Body Contouring Wraps?

The body wrap progresses over a 72-hour period. The sooner you would apply another body wrap it would be after 72 hours. 

These body wraps are made of all-natural, non-woven cloth that is infused with a herbal-botanical cream. You can apply the wrap to any part of your body from your neck to your toes. 

How much does Body Contouring Wraps Cost?

These magic wraps are packaged in four Wrap Applications per box and the price starts from $99 but if you are a wholesale customer, we can give it to you for $59! 

You no longer have to starve yourself, care for your body or really get into a healthy lifestyle that would fix your mental health and physical health too…

You know these wraps are totally game-changers in this society of fit models and detox juices.

YOU deserve it all. Wrap it all up and expect your belly fat just disappear in three days! THREE DAYS and you got what Vicotria Secret models do for a living 24/7. They can work hard! But you got a wrap. Wrap up all your problems four times in the next three days and all your sorrow will be gone.

You will be beautiful no matter what. 

Because beauty comes from within and this Contouring Wrap is a joke. Don’t be fooled. Eat healthily and love yourselves!