Amazing tips to find the perfect heel height that you need to know

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We are going to share some amazing tips to find the perfect heel height that you need to know. After reading this, you will be able to know the perfect heel height for yourself. We can’t say exactly what could be the perfect heel height as it depends on individual differences and choices. But, this article would help in selecting the perfect heel height for you in 2020.

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Why we need high heeled shoes in 2024?

If you want to look stylish and stunning in 2020 then the heel is the perfect hack for this. It can move an outfit from common to special and from casual to formal. Your look becomes more glorious and glamorous with the perfect heel you wear. But, sometimes these high heels become very uncomfortable if you do not select the perfect and right heels for you.

perfect heel height

Tips to Select the perfect heel height?

Heels are never out of fashion. But, if you do not select the right one for you it would become uncomfortable for your feet.

Tip 1:- 

If you want to buy a high heeled shoe, then shop it after finishing all the work. At the end of the day, your feet get swallowed and you can choose the perfect heel size in this situation.

Tip 2:-

After choosing 2 or three options walk in the shoe store for 5 minutes. You can judge the comfort level of heeled shoes with this.

Tip 3:-

Try to walk on stairs and ups and downs of the shoe store to check the comfortability of shoes.

Tip 4:-

Check if the heel is comfortable for your toes or not. There must be some space in toes for a comfortable walk.

Tip 5:-

The best heel size is 3 inch and more than that can hurt your feet.

Tip 6:-

Select the heel you feel secure in otherwise leave it.

Tip 7:-

Try to choose a platform-style heel

Tip 8:-

Choose the heel that gives you cushioning in your feet.

Tip 9:-

Select leather or good quality shoes to remain comfortable.

1 to 2-inch heels

These are good for all day long.

1 to 2-inch heels

3-inch heels

This is the best heel height. Suitable for working ladies.

3-inch heels

6-inch heels

It is very high and difficult for continues walking. These are suitable for any party or wedding.

Stiletto heels

This is the best choice for parties or weddings. It is a long as well as thin heel.

Stiletto heels

How to measure heel height?

Girls or women like the high-heeled shows but don’t know how to measure the heel height. Well, this is not a difficult job. Everyone can measure the height of heels.

First of all, put your high heeled shoe on a flat surface.

Measure the height of the heel with the scale from where it starts and connects to the show. So this the height of your heel.

how to measure heel height

Appropriate heel height for work

2 or 3 inches is the perfect height for working women. They keep you comfortable a day long.

Heel height for wedding

4 to 6 inches are good heel height for weddings or parties. As you have to wear it for some hours.

heel height

Perfect heel height for shopping

Always wear a 2-inch heel while shopping or doing some outside work. It will not hurt your feet.

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