Short hairstyles for men have liked by men while choosing the Best Short Haircuts For Men 2017 is not an easy task at all. These come in different varieties as it may vary from person to person. These Short hairstyles for men have small length like from ears above to the chin below. Short hair is always below the chin and if it is not then it will be medium hair style. Short haircuts and styles are liked because it is very simple and easy to style or maintain it. We are giving here some trending best Short Haircuts For Men 2017. Boys are also very conscious about their hairstyles like girls. Now a day’s boys are also giving importance to their style and haircuts especially. Short hairstyles for men 2016-2017 are as under.

Why do men like short hair style

It is easy to maintain and quick for styling as well as it gives the more neat, clean and sober look to boys.

These days long hairstyle, medium hairstyle and short all are equally adopted and liked. Anyhow, short hairstyle for boys has its own exposure and popularity.

Short hairstyles for men 2017

Short haircuts for men

The Short hairstyle is trending in these days quickly. You may find here some of trending short hair styles here.
One of the famous styles is pompadour nowadays. If you want to look different and stylish then choose this style. The style of backcombed pompadour is getting popular day by day. The length is adjusted according to the face cut.Pomp hair cut is going to the most popular for all times. It would be the best Short hairstyles for men 2018.


The short military cut is also still famous in 2017 with some additions. This style is very easy to manage for males.


Spikes Short Hairstyle

Spikes Short hairstyle is one of the most wanted and adopted hair style for men.This is still popular like before.



Angular Fringe



This was popular for 3 years but now again it has become popular among men. It gives a unique and fresh look to men.Moreover, the most important point about this style is it suits all type of ages and face cuts.

Spiky Flat style

This is a simple and classic hairstyle. You can give a unique look after applying any styling cream. It can be maintained for long times with proper brushing.



These are some simple and cool styles for men and boys that are trending now.


Having bald head is also becoming popular in 2017. Most of the guys like short haircut otherwise they go for the bald.For this, they even don’t need to go to the barber shop. They easily get an electric head shaver and have a bald head at home.